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Keith Tucker
K. Tucker
Cairo, GA
Brock Papi
B. Papi
McMurray, PA
Nick Gaines
n. gaines
Ringgold, GA
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Zachary Commans
Zachary Commans
Camarillo, CA
17 Years Old
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Great start to an epic day
by Will Markolf

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ChadReed “@chudspeth33: Will @CRtwotwo @TwoTwoMsport be healed up and ready for the Nationals?” ??
deanwilson I hate when people can't hold there word on things..Don't be a yes man....Just be straight up!
deanwilson My nephew is so awesome just ready to rip!!! Funny little bugger
adamcianci Just scored 79 on my player career on 2k 14... Yep, think it's time to start riding again.
adamcianci #tbt Just layin' around
ChadReed “@RRand403: @CRtwotwo Are you riding RV's bike outdoors?” Shouldn't RV be riding RVs bike...???
adamcianci Ending the season early stung, but man, words can't describe how thankful I am for this moment. #blessed
deanwilson “@EricaHamiltonDW: @DeanWilson15 come on over all rub dat ass fo u! ; p” would rub @pulpmx ass aswell tho?
adamcianci Got the sling off today people! #progress
adamcianci The song just seemed so appropriate. #imissyou
adamcianci Momma always believed.
deanwilson Someone get this bish some nuggets ASAP ??????
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