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Chris Rosanio
C. Rosanio
Tucson, AZ
Damien Alzidan
D. Alzidan
Tulsa, OK
Freddy Ernst
F. Ernst
Sherman Oaks, CA
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Dylan Harreld
Dylan Harreld
Springfield, MO
22 Years Old
About Me: I am a Christian skateboarder currently residing in Springfield, MO. Currently I ride for Endurance Skateboards (flow), Selfmade Threads, Tentative Skateboard Ministry, Nature Hardware(flow), Monster...  More
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Miller Flip
by Ben Karpenchuk

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NyjahHuston Haters hahahahahhaha?????? i love it!
robdyrdek A Sunday morning trifecta of true love ?????? Miss Bryiana Noelle, Beefy, and Meaty
sambeckettskate codylockwood on the gorilla grip
NyjahHuston Awesome turnout in Montreal! The fans here rule!! #asphaltcanada
NyjahHuston Element x Diamond board??
chriscole Proud moment- When your son gets his Ollie off the ground.
sambeckettskate cphbowljam just started today. greyson_fletcher codylockwood and a heavy crew getting it warmed up!…
NyjahHuston I ?? kinked rails!
robdyrdek An evening of smooth jazz with the sounds of Robert Lightfoot, Silky Black, and The Sexy Saxman #FantasyFactory
sambeckettskate jimmy_wilkins skeletonkeymfg
PierreLucGagnon #herewego #grizzlygang
robdyrdek Happy Dog Day to these two wonderful piles of beef and meat!
sambeckettskate gingerarmygeneral glamorous holiday! #thrashervacation
NyjahHuston This year has been unreal! Couldn't be anymore stoked. The win tonight was one of the best moments of my life!
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