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Chris Rosanio
C. Rosanio
Tucson, AZ
Damien Alzidan
D. Alzidan
Tulsa, OK
Freddy Ernst
F. Ernst
Sherman Oaks, CA
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Dylan Harreld
Dylan Harreld
Springfield, MO
21 Years Old
About Me: I am a Christian skateboarder currently residing in Springfield, MO. Currently I ride for Endurance Skateboards (flow), Selfmade Threads, Tentative Skateboard Ministry, Nature Hardware(flow), Monster...  More
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🔸It's cool to dream I suppose, you never know how far it might go, you might need some love, it might be shown, you might stumble down the right road #skatelife #hookit #gopro #skateboarding#varialheelflip #grizzlygang #bambooskateboards #janoski #ayc #asphaltyachtclub #WJskatepark
by Nicholas Lund
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6/5 - 6/8
X-Games Austin
Skateboard Street- Men at Austin, TX
6/5 - 6/8
X-Games Austin
Skate Vert at Austin, TX
6/5 - 6/8
X-Games Austin
Skateboard Street- Men at Austin, TX
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robdyrdek Congratulations Stephan everyone at #SnackOff hope your roommate finally hooks up with you! #GoldenSpork #SporkDenise
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