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Justin Aday
j. aday
lehi, UT
Spencer Whiting
S. Whiting
San Diego, CA
Jack Herald
J. Herald
Canton , MA
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Featured Athlete
Jenise Spiteri
Jenise Spiteri
Redwood City, CA
21 Years Old
About Me: Snowboarding is the greatest thing in the world. I can't imagine my life without it. There's nothing better than breaking the constrains of human physics, soaring through the air, and doing things tha...  More
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🙊mute-blunt🚬 /|Monday|\ #takemeback #themondays #gettingancy #iswinterhereyet #snow #summershred #windells #snowboarding #monsterarmy #photooftheday
by Ivan Stewart

4/11 - 4/14
The Shred Show
slope style at Whistler
4/4 - 4/5
Ride Shakedown 2014
Amateur qualification at Mont Saint Sauveur
3/29 - 4/4
Snowboard Halfpipe- Open Class Women at Copper Mountain
3/29 - 4/4
Snowboard Slopestyle- Open Class Women at Copper Mountain
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sagekotsenburg Yo did your boy come up on that bunk medal? This one in the picture is way bigger!
sagekotsenburg This weekend has been a blast! Surrounded by good people all weekend
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sagekotsenburg Remember the kid that got 'Spoice' tattooed? I wonder what he's doing right now
sagekotsenburg Today's agenda: Brunch/Lunch, Beach, Late Lunch, Nap, Golf, Dinner, Dessert, Movie, Sleep
eikihelgason Thanks For The New Shoes @dvssnow
sagekotsenburg Labor Day weekend!! Gonna nap so hard
sagekotsenburg 1 pac 2 pac 3 pac 4
sagekotsenburg 8 mile before bed. #BRabbit
sagekotsenburg Is there not a way to save gifs to your phone? Should I google this question? Yes
sagekotsenburg “@JamieeMalik1D: @sagekotsenburg hi!” YO
sagekotsenburg Domino's + Emmy's = Demmyno's
sagekotsenburg Street League!! What's your podium prediction??
eikihelgason iPhones are Tough! It Survived a Ride in The Laundry Machine. I Guess The Rice Trick Really Works!!!
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