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Adrenaline City @ Bodyworks

When: 10/12 at 8:00 PM for 3 hours
17 months ago  |  More about this session
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Practiced some flips and spins in the trampoline room in preparation for the terrain park. Mostly worked on spotting the landing and maintaining balance. I've got the back-flip and 720 down. Next session will be to work on front flips, combination moves, and going over twists and back-flips again.
When: 10/12 at 8:00 PM for 1 hour
22 months ago  |  More about this session
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Adrenaline City Training Session #1  - First time going to the brand new "Adrenaline City", which has a room of wall-to-wall trampolines PERFECT for practicing flips and grabs in. I'm trying to work on my frontflip in this picture and doing some early training for when I bombard the slopes in the Winter. Taken with GoPro HD Hero 2.
23 months ago
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