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Carlmont Hills (Water Dog Lake)

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 Matthew Orsua
Mountain Bike, Ice Hockey, Fishing
 Danny Skye
Mountain Bike, Supermoto, Surf, Ski, BMX
 Evan Mercure
Mountain Bike
 Sonny Christofilis
Mountain Bike, BMX
 Jason Reaves
Skimboarding, Mountain Bike, Skate, Weight Lifting, Diving, Hiking, Hunting
 Carlo Luis Montecillo
Motocross, Mountain Bike
 Jared Romero
Mountain Bike
 Karoly Gyetvai
Mountain Bike, Tennis
 Andrew Doud
Mountain Bike
 Adam Fenech
 Liam Frank
Mountain Bike, Ski
 Luke Enthoven
Mountain Bike
 Christina Lee
Mountain Bike, Motocross, Wake, Skate
 Brad Rosinski
Mountain Bike, Ice Hockey
 Lucas Mcawesome
Mountain Bike, Fishing, Rock Crawler, Motocross
 Freddy Poli
Off Road, BMX, Auto Racing, Motocross, Snowboard, Flat Track, Wake, Mountain Bike
 Matthew Bird
Mountain Bike
 Jason Wagner-Jauregg
Off Road, Mountain Bike, BMX, Motocross, Wake, Snowboard, Parkour, Scootering
 Jason Marinelli
Mountain Bike, Motocross
 Kevin Gregg
Mountain Bike
 Sean Campbell
Mountain Bike, Motocross
 Matthew Koen
Mountain Bike
 Tyson Noska
Mountain Bike
 Henry Morrissey
Mountain Bike, BMX, Ski
 Cooper Houston
Mountain Bike, Surf
 Adam Granath
Ski, Mountain Bike, Snowboard, Skydiving
 Sam Zografos
Mountain Bike, Motocross
 Jackson Houdek
Mountain Bike
 Jacob Zimmer
Mountain Bike, Motocross, Snowboard, Fishing, Sailing, Drifting, ATV, Truck Racing, Track Cycling
 Jason Trisler
Mountain Bike
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