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Alex Bizzanelli says:
Been going here since I was a kid I love it it never gets old hahahhahah
Alex Bizzanelli says:
Love going there and smashing not that narrly of jumps tho but way way fun
Ron De Jesus says:
Pretty decent track for a state park. Track is only prepped on Thursday morning and gets pretty beat down during the week. Hard terrain with "blue groove" and pretty basic jumps. Friendly layout with 3 tabletops and a few singles around the track. This place has history and has been around for a long time. During a race weekend this place ROCKS and is lots of fun.
The Good:
Great track to take the family to and have fun. Alot of area to ride.
The Bad:
Track prep, doesn't drain well and HARD TERRAIN!!
Have a spark arrestor and ride the track and trails.
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