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 Steve Starkey
Motocross, Auto Racing, Drag Racing, Off Road
 Kyle Born
 Desmond Davis
Motocross, Hunting
 Nathan Berger
Motocross, Off Road, Ski
 Jake Lopata
 Clay Schreiner
Motocross, Soccer
 Caleb Peters
Motocross, Snowboard
 Louie Orris
Motocross, Climbing, Running, Fishing, Billiards, Swimming, Softball
 Jamond Ebron
Motocross, Baseball
 Austin Dinkfelt
Motocross, Snowboard
 Zackery Poor
Motocross, Football, Basketball
Motocross, Mountain Bike, Off Road
 Jackson Cleary
Off Road, Mixed Martial Arts, Motocross, Paintball, Kneeboarding, Waterskiing, Watercraft, Snowboard
 Michael Ward
Motocross, Road Cycling, Off Road
 Cole Schilling
Motocross, Fishing, ATV, Archery, BMX, Mountain Bike, Off Road
 John Dagan
Motocross, Off Road
 Javier Porter
Motocross, BMX
 Trey Hicks
Motocross, Off Road
 Christian Robinson
Motocross, Soccer
 Tom Turner
Monster Army
The Monster Army is a legion of athletes and fans that represent the Monster Energy brand all over the world. Join and get insider access to the Monster Energy lifestyle - Athletes, Support, News, Music, Contests and Events.

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