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The trails are calling, and I must Ride  - Just got the bike out of the shop, got everything pressured right, and had to go riding. Its like a completely new bike now.
6 months ago
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Quick run, beautiful day, dirt was nice and not too loose. A horse on the singletrack trail was a bummer in the middle of the run, but otherwise a solid ride.
When: 10/23 at 2:00 PM for 2 hours
10 months ago  |  More about this session
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SUPER MUDDY. we could only do the 7 springs trail, and even then we had to walk up to it due to the thick mud that stopped tires from rolling and turned 30 lb trail bikes into 45 lb trail bikes with reduced traction and pedaling power. just not a good time. we almost spent more time washing the bikes after than riding
When: 1/21 at 9:30 AM for 2 hours
31 months ago  |  More about this session
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