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 Alex Strittmatter
Snowboard, Skimboarding, Skate, Other
 Megan Norton
Snowboard, Soccer, Running
 Harrison Dearcop
Snowboard, Skate
 Jack Dearcop
Snowboard, Auto Racing, Mountain Bike, LaCrosse, Skate
 Matt Sopher
Snowboard, Motocross, Watercraft, Scootering, BMX
 Brady Myers
 Walter Cooper
Snowboard, Skate, Motocross
 Joey Long
Snowboard, Skate
 Paul Stifler
Snowboard, Soccer, Paintball, BMX, Skate
 Ethan Rapp
 Christian Duffy
Ski, Bodyboarding, Mountainboarding, ATV, Skate, Surf
 Ben Wheeler
BMX, Snowboard
 Sam Owens
 Zach Garner
 Ryan Viga
Snowboard, Baseball, Basketball
 Nate Angelo
 Jack Barnes
Snowboard, Skate, Skimboarding
 Jered Popik
Snowboard, Wake
 Patenaude Team Racing
Snowmobile, Motocross
 Matt Sims
Skate, Snowboard
Monster Army
The Monster Army is a legion of athletes and fans that represent the Monster Energy brand all over the world. Join and get insider access to the Monster Energy lifestyle - Athletes, Support, News, Music, Contests and Events.

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