Pier Park

Pier Park  

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About Pier Park

<b>Size:</b> 11,000 sq ft (3,700 sq ft of street course and 7,300 sq ft of tranny)

<b>Tranny:</b> 20-ft diameter full-pipe with a mouse hole in the side. Connects an 11 1/2-ft-deep bowl with a 9 1/2- ft-deep bowl. Has additional 6-ft and 3 1/2-ft-deep bowls.

<b>Street Course:</b> granite hubbas, 7-stair, handrails, ledges, and banks.

<b>Entrance:</b> 10-ft-wide, 200-ft-long curvilinear skateable entry with ledges and banks. Percent for Art project by artist Adam Kuby.
15 People Ride Here
1 Competed Oregon Tri-Fecta on 8/10

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