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About Rhodes Skate Park

Rhodes Skate Park is a 1.28-acre special use park located in west downtown near the Linen District. Local youth helped design the park, which features inline skating and skateboarding. The covered and lighted area features a vert, rails and ramps plus a full-length basketball court, restrooms and picnic tables.

Glenn Rhodes came up with the idea for a multiple-use skate park after hearing about business owners running off skateboarders from downtown areas. He talked to his neighbor, 16-year-old Tim Shandro, who took him to skate spots and showed him what skateboarders like. And he talked to other kids, who told him "there was no place to skate."

In 1992, Rhodes, a former Ada County Highway commissioner, persuaded the county and the city to designate a site for kids to recreate. The 1.28 park site is located between 15th and 16th streets under the I-184 connector.

Rhodes donated his time to frame the site, pour concrete, install fencing and coordinate all other construction five days a week over a two-year period.

He persuaded over 130 contractors, individuals, civic groups and businesses to help him build a park for Boise's youth. Rhodes also raised $35,000 in cash contributions and built the rest of the park with donations of labor and materials. The City of Boise provided staff, inspection services and an additional $50,000.

Named for Glenn Rhodes, Rhodes Park was dedicated in December 1995. Valued at $465,000, the park is a tribute to a man who prizes both youth and recreational opportunities.

Despite the many challenges of raising funds and finding volunteers, Rhodes remained focused on the park. When asked how he kept the project alive, he said. "Sometimes you get involved and there's no stopping until you’re done."

"Glenn's enthusiasm for giving kids a place of their own has made a difference," says Charlie Ware of the Associated General Contractors. "It was his vision, his perseverance and hard work that made this park a reality."
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