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AOTW: Kaden Pankow

Author: Olivia Reed

Hey Kaden, What's been going on?

This year's started off good. I just got done racing the first two rounds of the pro-grt series and sea otter. I’m feeling really good on the new 29er bikes. Besides that I’ve just been riding my new trail bike and building my strength up everyday at home.

Any new tricks you want to master?

Even though I’m mainly I racer, I love to free ride on my 20” and dirt jumper. This year I wanna learn to flip.

Big travel plans coming up?

Yes! I have a busy schedule this year full of riding. Next stop is the Mountain Creek progrt, then the Tammarack pro-grt. Then I will be traveling to Europe for team camp. I come home and go to National Champs soon after that in Winter Park CO.

Favorite place you’ve traveled...

It would have to be Whistler, Canada. The trails there are epic.

What’s your go to wind-down activity?

I like to take my 20” down to the dirt jumps and ride and hang with my friends.

One snack you can’t live without?

Don’t know if it’s a snack but IN N OUT burger is my spot. Couldn’t live without it.

If you were stuck on a island and could only have three things?

A helicopter with lots of fuel, water, In n Out double double.

Any last shout outs?

Yes, shout out to my mom and dad for helping me chase my dreams and Commencal USA for stepping up and supporting me with the best bikes. And of course The Monster Army!