AOTW: Kirra Kotsenberg

Author: Olivia Reed

Hi Kirra, how’s 2018 kicking off for you? 

It started fast and now it’s slowed down, can’t say I mind the free time to just go out and snowboard with no pressure.

What do you have planned for this upcoming year? 

A few things later in the season, and some fun time in Colorado at the moment.

Do you have a trip planned for this season that you’re most excited about? 

I’m hoping to get back over to Europe before the season ends.

What do you think your favorite place you’ve traveled has been to? 

There’s so many! Australia is an all time favorite though. There’s something about driving on the left that gets me excited. And I love Kangaroos!

Any weird customs or experiences you got to have while traveling? 

Krampus visited this village I stayed at in Austria. It was creepy.

Are there any snowboarders that you look up to or that inspire you? 

My brothers of course. They’ve been the biggest influence on my snowboarding.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out? 

Focus on yourself instead of other people. It’s easy to look at someone who’s got more experience than you and start comparing yourself to them, which is a good way to get down on yourself. But if you focus on you, then you’ll progress faster and it’ll be more fun!

Any last thank you or shout outs? 

My family, who’ve always believed in me, even when I didn’t. And Jennifer for always supporting me.