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About the Monster Army
Most companies spend their money on ad agencies, TV commercials, radio spots, and billboards to try and tell you how good their products are. At Monster we choose to support the scene and our athletes. Who dreams about landing a 9 to 5 job? We all dreamed about being pro athletes, musicians and living the lifestyle that makes us who we are.

Monster Army is Monster Energy's athlete development program that currently focuses on supporting up and coming athletes ages 13-21 in moto, bike, snow, skate, surf and wake. We know it takes talent and support to make your dream a reality, so we created the Monster Army to back the next generation pros…the future Ricky Carmichael, Danny Kass, Ryan Villopoto, Tom Wallisch, Scotty Cranmer and Nyjah Huston's. Check out X games, dew tour, supercross or any moto/surf/skate/snow/BMX magazine and you will see firsthand Monster Army's impact on action sports.

Every athlete in the Monster Army is an important piece of the Monster Energy brand. From the elite ams and pros to the local groms, we hand pick athletes from all over the world to bring into our program to grow with our brand. Many factors go into our selection criteria. Sport, location, skill level and other sponsors are all equally important. If enlisted, we provide varying levels of support (a.k.a. 'Rank' in the Monster Army) to get you Monster Energy product, exposure and event bonuses through our Paid to Podium program. Want in? Join the Monster Army.

How It Works
To join the Monster Army, you must first signup for an account and create your profile. Once registered you are now classified as a Reserve in the program. As a Reserve, you get insider access to the Monster Energy lifestyle, updates from top athletes we sponsor, deals on Monster Army drinks/swag and the opportunity to apply for increased athlete support.

Getting Started:
Step 1 - Sign up for your Monster Army account. Already on Hookit? Sign in here.

Step 2 - Build your profile - Add your headshot, bio, the sports your into, events, results and spots you hit and upload photos and videos.

Step 3 - Apply for Athlete Support - Visit our application page for eligibility requirements. If you aren't currently eligible, don't get discouraged. Stay active on your profile, keep checking back and if we see something we like, we'll get in touch with you.

Step 4 - One of our team managers will review your application. If selected, we will send you details on what Rank we'll offer and what's expected of you.

Athlete Support Benefits
Once an athlete receives an upper Rank in the Monster Army athlete support you begin earning additional benefits. We have the best team managers in the world evaluating our athletes and helping provide support, guidance and encouragement to get you to the next level. You also receive Monster Energy drinks, exclusive Monster Army apparel, featured exposure throughout the Monster Army website and event bonuses through our Paid to Podium program. For more info, visit
Do's and Don'ts
The Monster Army is designed to support the athletes and their sports. With that said, we do have limitations to the number of athletes, teams and events we can support. Here's a hit list to make the most of being involved with the Monster Army.

1) Have a legit profile with solid pics, vids, events & results
2) Be active on the site to get more exposure (i.e. Post photos, videos and results every month)
3) Be respectful to all community members

1) Post photos/videos of other people & claim as your own
2) Submit incomplete applications/resume (i.e. 4+ photos, video, 5 results)
3) Apply if you are part of a conflicting athlete program
Monster Army
The Monster Army is a legion of athletes and fans that represent the Monster Energy brand all over the world. Join and get insider access to the Monster Energy lifestyle - Athletes, Support, News, Music, Contests and Events.

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