Monster Army
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About The Program

The Monster Army Paid 2 Podium program is in place to support the athletes. With $144,128 available across 8 sports for active Monster Army members, this is the largest contingency program in the world.

The Rules

To Earn Paid to Podium, You Must:
  1. Add the event to your calendar at least 1 day before it starts. Go to the event page and click the "I'm In" button.
  2. Be an active member in the Monster Army before the specific event. Your profile must be COMPLETE (headshot and bio) and up to date, including current photos, videos, and results.
  3. Make the podium in one of the eligible series/events for the class(es) specified.
  4. Must post your results on your MA athlete profile to be eligible to receive payment.
  5. Complete the cash payout form to provide all required information needed to recieve your earnings.
  6. Claim your awards on the earnings page once the event is over and we have received the verified results from the event promoter.