Brandon Baker is Athlete of the Week

Author: Tim Remick

Hows the year been treating you?

The year has been treating me pretty good. I just took first in two divisions (best trick and best all around) in Boerne, Tx & was asked too judge the younger divisions, that was pretty cool. I'm looking forward to participating in even more competitions.

How did you get into skateboarding and who were your biggest influences?

My Uncle JJ (Johnny Jones) is the one who got me rolling around and dropping into ramps by age 6 & my grandma bought my first board (Sherk Wal-Mart board) and took me to the local skate parks every weekend until I got my license. She still comes to every competition. I like Chaz Ortiz and Nyjah Houston's skating style.

What style of skating do you like the most and why?

I enjoy all styles of skating, I get just as much enjoyment skating street or bowl just as much as I would skating a park. I spend most of my time at the park though

Where is your favorite skatepark and favorite feature to hit? Who do you ususally shred with?

My favorite skatepark is my local park (Jaws skatepark) here in new Braunfels, Tx. My personal favorite thing to hit would have to be the 5 stair or the pyramid there. I usually skate with a whole bunch of homies at the park.

Any special plans for 2017?

If I'm given the opportunity I would love to travel but as of now just going to skate hard and do a lot of competitions. I was able to travel PA for Camp Woodward after I graduated high school (thanks dad) & would love to go back someday.

If you could pick your favorite skate movie, what would it be?

My favorite skate movie would have to be street dreams

Any shoutouts/sponsor would like to thank?

A couple shoutouts I would like to thank is 5-0 Skateshop, Monster Energy, NYC Sewer Wax and my mom for always showing support & love. Phil 4:13


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