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Monster Energy Athletes Win Half Of The Events @ ESPN Moto-X World Championships

Apr 18, 2008
Monster’s Nate Adams (Speed & Style, Freestyle) and Mark Burkhart (Supermoto) clean up, Ricky Carmichael gets ripped off in Step Up 

CORONA, Calif., (April 14, 2008) –  Monster Energy athletes were out in full force at the inaugural Navy ESPN Moto-X World Championships this past weekend at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium. Led by ‘Golden Helmet’ performances by Nate Adams (Speed & Style, Freestyle) and Mark Burkhart (Supermoto), Monster Energy athletes took an impressive 50-percent of the available 1st place spots at Moto-X

And it should have been more.

“In reality we should have won five of six, if not an entire sweep,” explained Monster Energy’s Director of Sports Marketing John Lee. “RC (Ricky Carmichael) got robbed in the Step Up – and we’re protesting that. And Kyle Loza sketched just a bit in the Best Trick, as did JLaw (Jason Lawrence) coming hot out of the whoops and into the third turn in Racing.

“In the end Adams and Burkhart killed it and brought home half the gold to Monster Energy HQ in Corona.”

Adams was clearly head and shoulders above the rest of the multi-event riding field in terms of overall talent. His win in the Speed & Style event paved the way for another incredible performance in Freestyle and the combination of the two Golden Helmet awards earned him the Most Outstanding Rider award, which included a custom Evel Knievel edition Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

“Man, this is awesome – a big surprise,” said Adams, who admitted he didn’t know he was getting the Knievel Harley until right before the award ceremony.

Adams won the Moto-X World Championship’s premier event, the Freestyle, saved for last to ESPN2’s broadcast audience. In his final run he pulled out a bevy of old school FMX tricks, including the Lazy Boy, Cordova, Stripper and Cliff Hanger. All stuff you’d see at a half-rate local carnival show, yeah, but Adams made them all variations of a back flip – something completely insane. And his contest-best score of 93.80 would secure the top spot, and the killer new bike.

 “If he (Evel) hadn’t lived we probably wouldn’t have a sport,” added Adams on the importance of Knievel to FMX. And when asked if he planned on jumping the new Harley, Adams laughed and said “Naw, I’ll probably just do burnouts on it.”

As for Burkhart (Monster Energy/Graves Yamaha), the Ohioan and defending AMA Supermoto champion locked up the inaugural Moto-X Supermoto championship with a stellar come-from-behind performance worthy of being labeled one of the highlight races in recent supermoto history. Burkhart got pinched early in the race and started outside the top ten. Over the course of the next several laps he reeled in, caught and passed some of the world’s top supermoto racers, including Troy Herfoss and a final pass for first place over former AMA Supermoto champ Jeff Ward.

“That was a fun way to start the season,” said Burkhart. “We’ll definitely carry the momentum from our Moto-X World Championships win to the July 13th AMA Supermoto Championship opener in Seattle. Thanks a bunch to the Monster Energy/Graves Yamaha team for their support at Moto-X.”

For Carmichael the gold slipped through his fingertips on a questionable finals call. With the bar at a mind-boggling 35 feet, Carmichael cleared it on his first attempt.

“They (RC’s competition) don’t want no first timer winning, so I’m sure they’ll bring their A-games,” said RC prior to his finals run.

 But on the ensuing landing off the 35-footer, Carmichael came down rear wheel first and the whipping force caused him to slam chin-first down onto his bars. Bloodied, Carmichael said “That’s enough” and took the Med Mule ride back to the pits. And though neither of the other competitors (Matt Buyten and Ronnie Renner) would come near clearing the bar at that take-off distance, somehow Buyten medaled ahead of Carmichael. Go figure.

Carmichael then joined fellow Monster Energy MX legend Jeremy McGrath in the booth for the Racing event and gave TV viewers a heck of an insight into the short Racing final.

Favored to win the Racing final based on his dominant performance in his heat and overall best lap times, Monster Energy’s Jason Lawrence pulled a good start, moved from 3rd to 2nd and was charging fast out of the whoops and into the third turn when he lost the front end on the highly slick surface and went down. Unable to keep his bike going, Lawrence re-joined the race for a few laps, then packed it in – not wanting to risk anything.

“It was like racing on cement with a light dusting of sand out there,” said Lawrence. “I committed to carrying my speed out of the whoops and into the corner and the front end just washed. I had no way to slow down.

“I don’t care though. It was fun hanging out there and watching all the other events this weekend. But my mind’s on Seattle. All I care about.” Note: Seattle is the Monster Energy Supercross’ final WSX Lites round where Lawrence holds a six-point lead in the title chase over Ryan Dungey.

Finally, on Saturday Monster Energy’s Loza unleashed his mind-blowing “Electric Death” trick – twice – only to sketch on the slick landing area. Had the dirt been even remotely close to what the guys are used to landing on, Loza would have no doubt rolled away with the Golden Helmet. Summer X for sure.

For more information on the Moto-X World Championships, link to.

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