Private Nicky DiNapoli is Athlete of the Week

It was awesome getting to know more about Nicky! Catch his interview below:

Who influences you and why?
Those who I am influenced by would have to be pro riders who take their racing seriously while having a good attitude and dedication for the sport. By studying and learning from those better than me, whether through media or in person, it gives me the opportunity to improve my riding with proper techniques while incorporating my own style as well.

What/Who inspired you to ride?
For dirt bikes, my dad inspired me to ride because that is what he has always done, which translated into me wanting to ride also. From the time I got my Honda Z50 at 5 years old, I was hooked! This led to many great years of off road racing, traveling up and down the Western states. With mountain biking, I have been inspired by my local bike shop owner who is of professional rider ability and very knowledgeable.

What cool and exciting things have you been up to or are going to do in 2013? Any big plans for 2014?
2013 was my first year focusing mainly on mountain bike racing in XC and DH. I have had a pretty good year for racing Cat 2/Sport in downhill, with a 7th at my first Sea Otter Classic (out of 40), 5th for the Northstar at Tahoe overall series, with two podiums, and multiple 1sts at CCCX Super D races. My plans for 2014 are to travel to as many Pro GRT races I can, Sea Otter Classic, an NW Cup, then any other XC/DH, and Moto events I can make while doing well in school. I will be volunteering as a coach for our local NorCal High School MTB team as well.

Have you had to overcome any challenges that made riding an obstacle at times? (i.e. injuries, support)
I’ve been quite lucky with injuries, only a broken collarbone last year while dirt jumping and then a broken leg when I was 11, but that was before I was really into racing.

What is your daily routine and how do you get yourself prepared for a day of riding or for the competitions you’re in?
My daily routine is attending college Monday-Thursday and keeping straight A’s. A few days a week, once getting home, I fit in a solid mountain bike ride for a few hours, thanks to my Monster Energy Rehab drinks giving me energy! I do my best for race preparation by keeping my body well-nourished with healthy foods and hydration. Also, making sure I keep my fitness up during the week by riding and working on different things, such as endurance or sprint speed.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next two years?
The next two years, I would like to see myself as a solid Cat 1/Expert racer in Downhill, ultimately racing pro someday. I would like to keep moving towards being a consistent “A” class (expert) racer in Off Road Moto as well. Academically, I want to continue being a strong college student and working towards a degree.

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