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Please read through our frequently asked questions before contacting us.

How do I get sponsored by Monster?
To see our current eligibility requirements and apply to one of our Athlete Programs, click here

How do I get Monster stickers?
Sorry, at this time stickers are reserved for our ranked athletes. Apply for our program to see if you have what it takes.

What is the status of my Monster Army order?
To check your status, click here

Why can't I order through the Monster Army store?
If you are a ranked rider and trying to get your product, you can only order through the 15th of each month. If you are having other ordering issues, Click Here

What sports do you offer rider support in?
We currently offer support in Motocross, Skate, BMX, Surf, Snowboard, Mountain Bike and Ski only. See if you have what it takes click here

Do you offer support or sponsorship to bands, schools, events or in anything outside of the above sports?
The Monster Army is a legion of Athletes that represent the Monster Energy brand. Support in all other genres is handled on a case by case basis through

What if I participate in one of the 8 sports but am still not eligible?
If you don't qualify for support, it could be due to other age and location requirements.

How can I apply for support if I'm from outside the United States?
Athletes from outside the US will be able to apply very soon. Keep checking back for the announcement.

Will you pay to wrap my vehicle?

Can you send me the Monster Army or Monster Energy logo?
No, use of all Monster Energy logos in print or collateral design is subject to the strict approval of Monster Energy.

How else can I get in touch?
For all other questions not covered by our FAQs, Contact Us

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