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Hookit Privacy Policy


Hookit is the leading sports sponsorship analytics and valuation platform. By integrating machine learning with deep data analytics, Hookit provides actionable insights to help brands, athletes, teams, and events maximize their sponsorship goals and gain a competitive advantage. As part of its service, Hookit monitors social media posts, and collects data on social media activity relating to sports sponsorships. Hookit stores this data, and reports to its customers in order to help them maximize the value of their sponsorship activities.

For purposes of this Privacy Policy (“Policy” or “Privacy Policy”), the terms “we,” “us,” “our” and “Hookit” refer to SponsorHouse, Inc. d.b.a Hookit, a Delaware corporation, and “you” and “your” refers to you, as a user of the Hookit website and Hookit mobile applications (our “Services”).
Hookit can be contacted at:

3398 Carmel Mountain Road, Ste 100
San Diego, Ca. 92121
Email: [email protected]

Hookit also hosts Third Party community web sites (“Third Party Sites”). Hookit Sites and Third Party Sites make up a network of web sites that we refer to here as the “Community Sites.” The Community Sites, using Hookit, allow registered users (“Members”) to create personal profiles online, display content, share information, utilize Hookit Services and establish a network of relationships – all within one Community Site and across multiple Community Sites.

In order to operate Hookit and to provide our Services, including, but not limited to, a networking platform for sports, mobile applications, athlete ranking and scoring, e-commerce and Community Sites, we must ask you to provide some information about yourself.
Hookit is committed to providing a safe and secure experience for people of all ages. We are dedicated to safeguarding all personal information collected online.


This Privacy Policy covers Hookit’s treatment of personal and other information that Hookit gathers when you are on the Hookit website, Hookit mobile applications, Community Sites and when you use our Services.

This policy does not apply to the practices of third parties that Hookit does not own or control – for example servers, search engines or third party sites – or to individuals that Hookit does not employ or manage.


This Privacy Policy applies whether you are accessing Hookit and/or Community Sites via a personal computer, a mobile device or any other technology or devices now known or hereafter developed or discovered (each, a “Device”) and whether you are accessing as a Member or other user.

This Privacy Policy operates alongside the terms and conditions which are set forth in our Terms of Use Agreement. This Privacy Policy governs only the Personal Information and Other Information (as those terms are defined below) collected by us via Hookit or Community Sites and social media (please see How We Collect Your Information below) and does not cover any such information collected by any other company or third party, unless specifically stated. We may from time to time combine Information (as that term is defined below) with other information we collect from other publicly available sources, such as information received from businesses, events, social networks, other websites, service providers, marketing companies or Advertisers and, if we do so, our use of the resulting combined Information will be subject to this Privacy Policy.

Your continued use of Hookit and/or Community Sites will be subject to this Privacy Policy and you are hereby notified of the collection, use, disclosure, management and storage of your Personal Information and Other Information as described herein.

We reserve the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time by posting an updated Privacy Policy without advance notice to you. Such revisions will be effective immediately upon posting. Notice of material changes will be posted on Hookit or Community Sites and wherever possible will be provided by e-mailing you or notifying you upon login about these changes, in such form of notice as we consider suitable. We encourage you to check this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use Agreement often for updates.

We are committed to protecting users' privacy. Keeping the Personal Information you share with us secure and ensuring your understanding of how we collect, use, disclose and maintain your Personal Information is important to us. We maintain certain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your Personal Information but no data transmission online is 100% secure from intrusion, and we ask that you not provide us with or post sensitive or confidential information.


Visitors to Hookit and Community Sites may participate in many activities without providing any personally identifiable information. However, if a user wants to participate in certain of our interactive features, we ask the user to register and provide us with the following information: the user's name, e-mail address, gender, preferred sport, and age information.

If you are between 13 and 17 or under the age of majority where you live, before you use Hookit, our Services, or any Community Sites please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use with your parents or guardians. Until you reach the age of majority where you live, you certify that your parents or guardians have consented to your use, they have accepted the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on your behalf, and you agree to provide them with your current registration e-mail address and password at all times. You understand that your parents or guardians may ask us to modify or terminate your use or access, and we may do so at their request or for any other reason, at any time, without notice or responsibility to anyone.

Hookit and the Hookit App provide services that are intended for a general audience. Users are required to provide their dates of birth to access certain Hookit features.

If a user identifies himself or herself as under 13, we require verifiable parental consent if we collect personal information from such a user. This is to comply with COPPA in the United States, and similar laws in many EU states including the United Kingdom. However, the relevant age in your jurisdiction may vary.

In the process of obtaining parental consent, we provide parents with a description of the information we collect from our users, how that information is used, who that information may be shared with, what types of information may be made public, and how a parent may access their child’s personal information or request that their child’s account be disabled. We will not knowingly ask children under the age of 13 to provide any personal information other than that which is reasonably necessary to provide Hookit services.

Because Hookit is available to users of all ages, if a parent grants consent to their child’s use of the site, that child will have the ability to send and receive communications with Hookit users of all ages. We urge children to check with their parents before entering information on any website and we urge parents to discuss with their children restrictions regarding providing personal information to people they do not know online.

Parents may review, edit, request the deletion of, or prevent further collection or use of their child’s personal information or make any other inquiry regarding this privacy policy by sending an email to [email protected] or by mail at Hookit, Attn: Privacy Under 13, 3398 Carmel Mountain Rd, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92121. If you have a concern about the use of your child’s personal information, please contact your local supervisory authority. Their contact information may be found at:

For detailed instructions on how to remove posted content, please visit the following help page:


Hookit’s processing of your personal information may be governed by the local law requirements of your area. For example, if you are an individual in the European Economic Area accessing our services directly, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply.

Other than in respect of your personal data rights, Hookit and Community Sites are established and maintained in the United States, meaning that you are accessing a community network in the U.S. Hookit and Community Sites are governed by and operated in accordance with the laws of the U.S. Hookit makes no representation that Hookit or Community Sites are governed by or operated in accordance with the laws of other nations.

Please be aware that any Personal Information or Other Information you provide to us or we obtain as a result of your use of Hookit or Community Sites will be collected in the U.S. or transferred to the U.S. by or on behalf of the Community Sites. By using or participating in Hookit or Community Sites and/or providing us with your Personal Information or Other Information, you (i) consent (or agree as part of your contract with us) to the transfer, processing and/or storage of any Personal Information and Other Information you provide to Hookit and/or the Community Sites, (ii) acknowledge that U.S. law provides a lower standard of protection for personal data than the laws of various countries including, but not limited to, the European Union (notwithstanding any statutory rights you may have under GDPR) and (iii) understand that Hookit and Community Sites will collect, transfer to, process and/or store and deal with your Personal Information and Other Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and U.S. law. Consequently, to the fullest extent permissible by law, you waive any claims that may arise under the laws and regulations that apply to you in or of any other country or jurisdiction.


Joint Registration

- When you become a Member of a Hookit and/or a Community Site, you are registered with Hookit as well as that Community Site. Your e-mail address and password combination (collectively, “Login”) gives you immediate access to your Hookit account and the Community Site features. After you have registered at Hookit, you may join other Community Sites. When logged in, Hookit recognizes you as a Hookit Member if the Community Site uses a sub-domain so you do not need to login again. To join, simply click the “Join Now” button or similar option provided on the Community Site to join. To join any additional Community Site not using a subdomain, simply sign in using your Hookit Login information to gain access to the features and services at that site (Note that some Community Sites may set additional requirements for membership, such as geographic location or minimum age. Also note that, for your online privacy and security, if other people have access to your computer or Device, we recommend you log out of Hookit after visiting your Community Sites.). Hookit and each Community Site that you join may have access to the updated registration and profile Information that you provide on Hookit or the Community Site, including, but not limited to, your e-mail address and mailing address. Other information, such as information relating to your Hookit Score (as defined below) and postings to Hookit and/or the Community Sites you have joined, also may be shared with Hookit and/or your Community Sites.

- Terms of Use and Governing Policies

By registering, you acknowledge that we will need to make certain uses of your data to provide services and administer your account and use of our sites, including tracking your activities and your use of Hookit and Community Sites. You also agree to the Terms of Use Agreement. Please note that our use of your Information is governed by this Privacy Policy, while Community Sites’ use of your information may additionally be governed by their own privacy statements or policies.

- Non-Hookit Services and Offerings.

Please note that each Community Site’s integration with Hookit may be highly customized so, in addition to Hookit Services, Community Sites may provide features, functions, services, promotions, advertisements and other offers (as well as associated registration forms, requests for Information, “opt-ins” or “opt-outs” for communications, software downloads and the like) that are not affiliated with or provided by Hookit. Please take care when using any such offerings and familiarize yourself with the third-party policies and agreements, if any, that govern such use. We are not responsible for the use of any such non-Hookit offerings, or for the accuracy, use or misuse of any information that you may disclose or receive in connection with such use. If you have questions about whether a particular feature, function, service, offer or any other portion of a Community Site, you may e-mail us at [email protected] or mail us at the address provided below.


“Personal Information” means information that would allow someone to identify you or contact you as an individual. For our lawful purposes as set out in this Privacy Policy, this will include your full name, e-mail address, physical address, telephone number, athlete support application information, precise location, mobile device identifier, or personal web site URL, and any other personally identifiable information or content you post on our Community Sites, or via Social Media Services sign-in, or otherwise provide to us.

“Other Information” means any information other than Personal Information that is collected by Hookit, our Services or Community Sites. Other Information includes, but is not limited to, non-personally identifiable data regarding how Members and other users navigate and use Hookit, our Services and Community Sites, including the number and frequency of visitors to each page, the length of their stays, the type of browser used (for example, Internet Explorer or Firefox), the operating system used (for example, Windows or Mac), the domain name of each user’s Internet service provider and certain other information (for example, “click stream” data). “Information” means, collectively, Personal Information and Other Information. “IP Address” means the number automatically assigned to your Device when you access the Internet, which our web servers use to identify where to send the information that your Device requests.

How we collect your information

The majority of information about you we process is information we collect ourselves.

We collect Personal Information and Other Information about you when you provide it to or make it available for collection by us on Hookit or Community Sites, including when you register or join a Community Site, participate in any services, features or functions of a Community Site, participate in promotions such as athlete programs, sweepstakes and contests, or in the course of any other exchanges of data, E-commerce transactions and/or activities. We collect your IP Address when you visit or request pages from Hookit or Community Sites.

We may also ask you to provide us with Other Information, including demographic or similar information. If we link this Other Information with your Personal Information, we will treat it as Personal Information.

As mentioned above, Community Sites that you join may also receive your registration Information and certain Other Information relating to your use of the Community Sites. We also collect information via third party social media sites, as below.

Hookit analyzes Personal Information made available by you once registered and combines it with other information collected from publicly through the Internet and third parties such as events, organizations, social networks, other websites, service providers, marketing companies and businesses, in order to create a score for athletes ("Hookit Score”). Hookit may present your Hookit Score and/or the data used to create it on Hookit, our mobile application(s), Community Sites and/or other third party websites who use our Services. We may also use your Personal Information, Other Information and other content you provide to us to improve the Service: for example, we may track your sports activities, exposure and performance in order to compare your Hookit Score to that of other athletes and match you with businesses to allow you to participate in athlete support programs and/or to earn deals.

Paid areas of our site

In addition, as part of our current and planned services we may, at any time, offer additional features that require you to register or otherwise provide Personal Information, including for example, credit card information, or we may require a fee to gain access to any portion of Hookit. You may choose not to provide certain Information, but then you may be unable to take advantage of or participate in Hookit, our Services and/or Community Sites.

Third party sites

There may be times where we receive your Personal Information from a Third Party Site in order to provide our Services to you through that Third Party Site (including, for example, if you have directly provided personally-identifiable information to register separately with a Third Party Site and opt-in to Hookit, that information is then imported to Hookit pursuant to applicable privacy policies and law). There also may be circumstances when we receive personally-identifiable information about you from other sources and combine that with Information collected through Hookit and/or Community Sites. In each of those cases, we will use your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Collection by social media

You can choose to access certain third party social media Web sites and services through our Services (such as Twitter or Facebook) ("Social Media Services"). When you do so, you are sharing information with those Social Media Services, and the information you share with them will be governed by their privacy policies and terms of service. You may also be able to modify your privacy settings with these Social Media Services to, for example, control what information the Social Media Services disclose to third parties like Hookit. When you add Social Media Service accounts to the Services or log into the Services using your Social Media Services account, we will collect relevant information necessary to enable our Services to access that Social Media Service, but you will provide your login information, like your password, directly to such Social Media Service (and not to Hookit). As part of such integration, the Social Media Service will provide us with access to certain information that you have provided to such Social Media Service, and we will use, store and disclose such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and, if and to the extent applicable, the policies of such Social Media Services. In addition, we may provide certain information about you or your activities on the Services, or that you have otherwise provided to us, to such Social Media Services as part of such integration (including information that may be used by such Social Media Services to personalize ads for you). However, please remember that the manner in which Social Media Services use, store and disclose your information is governed by the policies of such third parties, and Hookit shall have no liability or responsibility for the privacy practices or other actions of any Social Media Services that may be enabled within the Service. Specifically, with Facebook, the Services utilize the following data and permissions: the ability to access your data “offline”, your email address, to read your stream or feed, likes, birthdate, education, location, work history, and hometown.

If you agree to allow us to collect information concerning your location, we may collect that information by, for example, using your browser’s location functionality, or from photos or videos you post to Hookit or from a linked Instagram or other media sharing account. If you access Hookit through our mobile app and have agreed to allow us to do so, we may collect location information (including precise geo-location information) from the location services of your phone. You may stop us from collecting location information from your phone at any time by disabling location services in your phone’s settings.

Use of Information

- We may use the Personal Information and Other Information that we obtain from you, to provide Hookit and to tailor your experience on Hookit and Community Sites. We consider such use to be necessary for us to fulfil our Services to you.

Other uses of your Personal Information necessary to fulfil our Services to you include:

- We may use your Personal Information to send you notifications relating to Community Sites, including, for example, when someone posts a comment to your profile or when someone tries to contact you via a Community Site.

- We may use information about your location (where you have permitted access to this) to notify you of Events, Sessions or Spots near you, automatically associate photos or videos you upload to a Event, Session or Spot, automatically verify your participation in an Event or Session at a particular Spot, calculate the distance you have traveled in order to determine your Hookit Score, or to provide you with country-specific customizations to the Hookit website. We will never display your exact location anywhere on Hookit.

- We may use your Information for internal purposes in our legitimate interests (including, for example, reporting and enforcing cross-community violations of the Terms of Use Agreement); audits; fraud prevention; developing new products or services; improving or modifying our services; identifying usage trends; determining the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns; operating and expanding our business activities; or for other purposes disclosed when you provide your Information or to provide you with a product or service you have requested and with related customer service. We may contact you regarding problems or questions we have relating to your use of Community Sites, or, in our discretion, to notify you of changes to this Privacy Policy, our Terms of Use Agreement or another policy that may affect your use of Community Sites.

- We may make you aware of additional products and services that may be of interest to you or to contact you regarding site changes. You can choose whether or not you wish to receive communications relating to additional products and services.

- You have the ability to indicate your interest in being contacted by businesses or other members. Your nonpublic personal information will be used to match you with businesses and other members. Once we match you with a business for athlete support, we will indicate these to you and will give you the opportunity to apply to the athlete support program and/or receive information from them. If you choose to participate, we may share your personal information with such business. Businesses may be governed by their own privacy statements and policies, and Hookit is not responsible for their operations, including but not limited to their information practices.

Disclosure of Information

We may disclose non-personally identifiable information about Members and other users, such as web site usage statistics, to Community Sites and third parties. For example, when you join a Community Site, we may use your Information (without specifically identifying you) to personalize advertisements and offers or to report aggregate information such as how many Community Site Members are in a certain genre or enjoy a certain product or service. We consider this use of your Information to be in our legitimate interests.

We do not share your Personal Information with unaffiliated third parties for their direct marketing purposes unless you first affirmatively agree to the disclosure when invited to do so (including, for example, by checking the checkbox provided or utilizing our Facebook Connect feature). If you do agree to receive communications from an unaffiliated third party, your shared Personal Information will be subject to that third party’s privacy policy. Therefore, if you later decide that you do not want that third party to use your Personal Information, you will need to contact the third party directly. Please note that, once you are a Hookit member (either by registering at Hookit or a Community Site), if you agree to join an additional Community Site, you are asking us to provide your Hookit registration information to that additional Community Site so that you may register with them.

Hookit may disclose your Personal Information or Other Information in the following circumstances:

- to businesses you contact, Community Sites that you join and stores you purchase products from. These entities may have access to your registration and profile information, including, but not limited to, your Personal Information in order to fulfil your orders, and we have a legitimate interest therefore to provide these details;

- to third-party operational service providers Hookit retains to perform functions on our behalf for the purpose of administering and maintaining portions of Hookit or Community Site services, features, functions and operations and performing other services on our behalf, for example, sending communications on our behalf, analyzing data, providing marketing assistance and providing customer service. In order to provide such services, these operational service providers may have access to your Information and they will be required to handle it consistent with this Privacy Policy and their contractual obligations with us;

- when legally required to do so (for example, to respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process) or at the request of law enforcement or other governmental authorities;

- when we believe your actions violate any law, regulation, the Terms of Use Agreement, this Privacy Policy, or any of our other terms and conditions, Rules, services, features or functions, or if you threaten the rights, property or safety of Hookit, Community Sites, or any of its or their operational service providers, licensors, suppliers, Advertisers, customers, Members, users or any other party;

- when we determine, pursuant to our legitimate interests or otherwise, that such disclosure to be necessary or appropriate to investigate or resolve possible problems or inquiries, to protect our business and assets, to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend our interests, and/or to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations; or

- in the event of a bankruptcy, merger, consolidation, acquisition, restructuring, transfer of control, joint venture, fundamental corporate change, or other business combination involving us.

We offer you the ability to manage your profile, limit the public name displayed on your profile, what communications you receive from Hookit and what Community Sites you choose to participate in. When logged-in, you may manage these settings in the “My Account” section, by selecting “My Account Settings” on the top right side of your account once logged in and specifying your preferences. Privacy settings include:

- You may control other display and privacy settings, including, for example, how your profile name appears in search results and who may send you e-mail messages.

- You may delete your postings or other users’ comments posted to your profile. Please note that we also reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to remove any comments or other posts, originating from you or otherwise.


To the extent allowed under applicable law, this Privacy Policy does not apply to any Information that you publicly disclose or display, or allow on your profile. Because your Member and Sponsor relationships or other people may view your Information and postings, please exercise caution whenever disclosing Information. You do not know who may access and use such Information, or for what purpose. We are not responsible for the accuracy, use or misuse of any Information you disclose or receive through these venues. Please refer to our Terms of Use Agreement for restrictions with respect to Postings. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to set certain limits on the availability of some or all features on Community Sites.

Your profile may display Information to the general public, including display name, Profile URL, photo, your Member, brand, event, spot connections, Community Sites joined and activity Feed (a "Feed" is a dynamic, list of the activities of you and your connection on Hookit and Community Sites have posted to your profile). Postings to Community Sites also are displayed to the public. Publicly displayed Information and Postings may be indexed by third-party search engines and appear in search results on third-party web sites.

For detailed instructions on how to remove posted content, please visit the following help page:

To enhance your experience on Hookit and with Community Sites, we may use "Cookies." Cookies are small data files placed in your Device’s browser when you visit a Community Site. Cookies may be used for a number of purposes, such as tracking usage patterns, measuring the effectiveness of advertising, to help serve advertisements, limiting multiple responses and registrations, facilitating your ability to navigate Community Sites, and as part of a verification or screening process. Cookies automatically identify your web browser whenever you visit Hookit and Community Sites. Also, by recording how and when you use Hookit and Community Sites, Cookies help us determine which areas are popular and which are not. Additionally, accepting Cookies may allow you, among other things, to personalize your experience on Hookit and Community Sites.

- Opting Out If you do not wish to allow for use of Cookies, you may generally opt-out of providing this information by setting your browser to reject Cookies or by controlling the preferences in third-party applications. If you do not wish for Cookies to track your specific activity, you may set your browser to reject Cookies, adjust your e-mail settings from HTML to text-only display, and control the preferences in third-party applications. However, please be aware that some areas of Hookit and Community Sites may not provide you with an acceptable user experience if you disable the use of Cookies.

When you visit Hookit or Community Sites, Advertisers may serve certain content, including, for example, advertisements. Advertisers also may set their own Cookies or other tracking technologies to identify your preferences, recognize you (if you have previously had contact with the Advertisers) and determine on which web site their advertisement was displayed and whether or not you clicked it. Third-party content providers and service providers also may use tracking technologies to determine how many times you have viewed their content or used their services. This information also helps advertising partners deliver targeted advertisements that they believe will be most relevant to you. We do not have access to or control the use of tracking technologies by third parties, what information they collect or how they use it. Third parties’ use of tracking technologies is subject to their own privacy policies. Therefore, we encourage you to investigate and ask questions directly of them in this regard.

You may have the opportunity to access or interact with the Services via other social networking websites and services ("SNSs"), including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Consequently, your Personal Information may be shared with those SNSs and they may share data with us. To learn more specifically about the Facebook Connect and how you can choose your settings for that program, visit In the event that you choose to provide your information directly to a third party SNSs, your information will be governed by the policies of those other SNSs. We don't exercise control over third party SNSs. These other services may place their own cookies or other files on your computer, solicit Personal Information from you and follow different rules regarding the use of the information you submit to them. We encourage you to read the privacy policies or statements of the other websites you visit.

Some of those third party services may also provide us with information from your accounts there to enhance and personalize your use of this Site. For example, you can allow Facebook to tell us who your Facebook friends are so you can follow their activity on Hookit. You can remove Hookit from your Facebook services to block this feature by visiting your Facebook account, in which case we will delete the information that we receive from your accounts with those other services. For example, you can adjust your privacy setting on Facebook here to prevent your Facebook friends from sharing information about you from their Facebook accounts with Hookit.

If you participate in a athlete support or brand insider program, contest, or other promotion, your Information may be disclosed as required by law, for example, on a winners' list or we may require you to consent to the use of your Information in advertising materials. In addition, Hookit may suggest you athlete support or brand insider programs, sweepstakes, contests, or other promotions that are sponsored or co-sponsored by a third party. If disclosed to you on the promotion registration page and/or Rules, those third parties may obtain the Information that you submit for that promotion. We have no control over such a third party's use of your Information, and any such third party is not subject to this Privacy Policy.

Hookit and Community Sites may contain links to other web sites, whose information practices may be different from ours. You could be directed to other web pages or online content through links that are beyond our control. These other web pages may set their own cookies, collect information, and/or have their own privacy policies. This Privacy Policy only covers information collected by us at Hookit and Community Sites, and we encourage you to review the privacy policy of any other web site you visit, including, Third Party Sites. ACCURACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY
All Members and users of Hookit and Community Sites are required to provide true, current, complete and accurate Information when prompted. We cannot and will not be responsible for any problems or liability that may arise if you do not give us accurate, truthful or complete Information or if you fail to update such Information. We may reject and delete any entry that we believe in good faith to be false, fraudulent or inconsistent with our Terms of Use Agreement or this Privacy Policy. Bear in mind that when you submit Information to us, it does not guarantee that we will permit you to use any or all Hookit features or functions.

Generally, you may review or update your Personal Information collected by Hookit and Community Sites. You may also correct factual inaccuracies. However, Personal Information that is necessary to check eligibility, such as date of birth or age, cannot be deleted and a change to this information may not be permitted. In addition, Information collected for certain purposes (such as entries for contests, sweepstakes or other promotions) is subject to corporate and regulatory recordkeeping requirements and will not be deleted upon request, unless the entrant is a person under the age of 13 years old. To review, update or delete Personal Information collected by Hookit and Community Sites, please log into your Hookit account and access the “Settings” section. Alternatively, you may e-mail the Hookit Privacy Administrator at [email protected] (and be prepared to provide verification of your identity).

You are solely responsible for maintaining the strict confidentiality of your User ID (unique e-mail and password combination) for access to your Hookit account, and for any charges, costs, expenses, damages, liabilities and losses we may incur or suffer as a result of your failure to do so. You are solely responsible for your use of, and conduct on, Hookit and Community Sites, or any other related activity. You are solely responsible for any use of, and conduct on, Hookit and Community Sites, or any other related activity, by any others who use your User ID, unless and until you notify us that your User ID may have been compromised or improperly taken or used.

You also may deactivate your Hookit account through the “Account Settings” section within your account. If you deactivate or if we terminate your Hookit account, your public profile will be removed from Hookit and all Community Sites and we reserve the right to retain or delete your Information in our database, subject to our Privacy Policy.

If you are a resident of the State of California, we provide you with information on how to exercise your disclosure choice options such as your right to opt-out (which we may sometimes refer to as "unsubscribe") or opt-in for disclosure of your Personal Information to third parties (such as Advertisers) for marketing purposes. Therefore, pursuant to the California Civil Code, we are not required to maintain or disclose a list of the third parties that received your Personal Information for marketing purposes during the preceding year.

If you are a California resident and wish to request information about how to exercise your third-party disclosure choices, please contact our Privacy Administrator at [email protected] or:

Attn: Privacy Rights
3398 Carmel Mountain Rd, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92121

All requests must be labeled “Privacy Rights” on the e-mail subject line or envelope or post card. For all requests, please clearly state that the request is related to “Your California Privacy Rights”, include your name, street address, city, state, zip code and e-mail address (your street address is optional if you wish to receive a response to your request via e-mail) and indicate your preference on how our response to your request should be sent (e-mail or postal mail). We will not accept requests via the telephone or by fax. We are not responsible for notices that are not labeled or sent properly, or do not have complete information.

If you have other questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact our Privacy Administrator at [email protected] or by postal mail sent to:

Attn: Privacy Administrator
3398 Carmel Mountain Rd, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92121

If you are a qualifying person under GDPR, you have the following rights:

To obtain access to, and copies of, the personal data that we hold about you, or require that it is transmitted to another data controller;

To request that we restrict our data processing activities or cease processing your personal data in certain ways, for example because you do not consider it lawful;

To require us not to send you marketing communications;

To withdraw your consent, where we are relying on it to process your personal data;

To object to how we process your personal data, in particular where we are relying on our legitimate interests; and

To ask us to erase the personal data we hold about you, for example because it is causing you distress or you believe it to be no longer relevant, or to correct the information if it is incorrect. Please note that the above rights are not absolute, and we will be entitled to refuse requests where exceptions apply. You may also raise any concern in how we handle your data or deal with your rights via your local data protection supervisory authority.

Contact information may be found at:

We will retain your personal data for as long as we have a lawful reason to do so. This will include management and administration of your membership, as well as reporting on social media based sponsorship activity. Please note that the posts you choose to make public will remain public until such time as you take action to remove them.

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or how we collect, maintain, use or share your Information, you may contact us directly by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

This Privacy Policy was last modified on May 22, 2018 and is effective immediately. For users in the EEA, we will provide any substantial changes to you directly by the means you have provided us with to contact you.