Amateur Supercross | Anaheim, CA

Author: Olivia Reed

The 2018 Monster Energy Supercross season kicked off in Anaheim earlier this year. Following the A2 stop, the amateur riders had their chance to take on the track in legendary Angel Stadium. Once the pros wrapped up their races on Saturday night, the track team went to work adjusting the supercross track for local amateur riders.

While some adjustments were made, the supercross track was left with its unique flavor for the amateur racers to rip across on Sunday. Monster Army riders like Dilan SchwartzStilez Robertson, Kaed Kniffing and Jett Reynolds came out to try their luck in the arena.

It was exciting to watch as Army riders competed across various classes. In true Jett Reynolds fashion, he went home with wins in Supermini 1, Supermini 2 and Schoolboy 1. While California-native Stilez Robertson took home the 250 B Class overall.

Kaed Kniffing came to compete, taking home the 125 B/C overall edging out fellow Monster Army rider Ty Masterpool. The most impressive feat of the day was definitely Jett Reynolds taking the Supermini 2 (13-16) win, racing against 125s, Jett was able to take the win on his 112cc.

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