Monster Army

AOTW: Peyton Wessells

Author: Olivia Reed

Hey Peyton, how’s the summer been going for you?

My summer has been going really good, been super busy with work so I can afford to travel more next year.

What are you most excited about this year?

I am really excited to be training so that I can get ready for next year. Been putting in work on the bike and dialing in some tricks so that next year I can come in strong!

Any new tricks you’re working on?

I have a few new tricks I have been working on, but I can’t give you the details. I want it to be a surprise to everyone at the next contest I attend!

Favorite thing to do when you’re not riding…

My favorite thing to do when I am not riding I would have to say is swimming. I love going to the lake and hanging out with all my friends jumping in some nice cold water. But I mean I like doing anything that involves me being outside!

Favorite TV show or movie to wind down to…

Hmm favorite movie to wind down too. That’s a tough one for sure. I would have to say Birth of Big Air. It’s definitely one of my favorite documentaries to watch. Tells you a lot of history about bmx!

Are there any pros that you look up to or that inspire you?

My homie Colton Satterfield for sure dude is so gnarly on a bike!

Who are your favorite people to ride with?

My favorite people to ride with really is anyone who is down to catch a session and wants to have fun! But the man dudes I ride with are at the top Ben Voyles, Josh Hult, Josh Moon Colton Satterfield and Kurtis Downs.

If you could session with anyone in the world, who would you want to session with and where? 

All the local homies for sure and it would have to be at our local dirt spot. We are all there to help push each other!

Any last thanks you or shout outs?

Yeah I would like to thank all my sponsors for all the support especially Monster Army for allowing me this opportunity. Risq Threads. Beamers Action Sports Shop for always keeping me dialed with parts and gloves RC heavy haul for helping me with getting to contest Love And Rebel For Keeping me in the best pants possible and all my friends and family who support me and help me out when needed!