Day Trippin' with Brandon Le & Xander Roberts

Author: Olivia Reed

Brandon LeXander Roberts and filmer Brian Guilotte headed up to a secret spot in So Cal for a session. After a busy day avoiding the crowds at the normal skatepark scene, the three of them were able to put together something rad. Check out what Brian had to say about the experience below and watch the full video above!

“Escaping a crowd isn’t always an easy task in Southern California, no matter what season of the year. Bad traffic, lots of people, always and everywhere - all year round, doesn’t matter where you are. After a few runs at Brandon’s local park it was time to beat the crowd and go somewhere one would not normally visit...

A DIY paradise & not a soul in sight!

We then asked Xander Robertson to meet us & dropped him the pin.

Xander showed up at our paradise and we stayed without other human interaction the entire day, until one old timer passing by, happy to see kids skateboarding, broke our isolation at the abandoned hill-top pool.

What we found on that hill-top was proof that sometimes having no plan and just enjoying whatever life throws at you is the best plan. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the day!” – Brian Guillote