Monster Army

Justin Dowell Wins Baltic Games

Author: Olivia Reed

Monster Army riders Justin Dowell and Bryce Tryon headed over to Poland to compete in the 2019 Baltic Games.

Tryon had to say that it was, “probably one of the more fun events of the year, it has a really cool family vibe and it’s a great event to be a part of.”

Joining him was teammate, and current World Champion, Justin Dowell. Dowell also said, “It’s a really fun contest, it’s like a festival and there’s music playing the whole time and good vibes.”

Justin walked away with this win this year, after finishing second the year before, Justin said he was stoked to take the win. When asked how he took the win, he said, “I did the biggest twix channel gap of my life, it was pretty scary, but awesome.”

Just the weekend before, Justin won park at the NASS in England.

“After coming off the Nass festival win the prior week, I was feeling good coming into Baltic Games and was stoked to win back to back weeks.”

Next up, Justin heads to the Pan American Games, where he had to say, “It’s an honor to be able to represent my country. I’m the only male athlete from USA Cycling going and it’s an important stepping stone on the way to the Olympics and it will help me get mentally prepared. It’s very similar to the real Olympics with an athlete village and the format and it will really open my eyes to what the Olympics will have in store, if I make it.”