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Liam Pace wins the 2022 Simple Sessions

MA- So simple sessions,Tell us about being out there, what went on, skating around there just the whole vibe?

Liam Pace- Tallinn is one of my favorite places I’ve traveled to, it was even more fun getting to go during the summer and really experience the city this time. They had a bunch of really cool side events and parties that went with the event to make it even more fun than when the contest goes down normally in the winter

MA- How many years have you been going? What draws you there?

Liam- This was my third year at simple session, I like going because it’s an overall fun event to go to with the courses they build and the stuff to do outside the contest all over old town in tallin

MA- What was new this year? How was it,

Liam- This year was mainly a street course in a smaller warehouse, and it was during the summer so they had some really fun contests on the side of the main event.

MA- Why skate in that vs just the indoor session motivation for skating in that? How’d you do?

Liam- It's just fun to go skate around the city with all of my friends. It was definitely super sick to skate a box jump over a hot tub

MA- Ok so you won obviously, how did that feel after so many years attending, is this your first time winning?

Liam- It was super rad to win this year, I won back in 2019 when it was mainly a transistor course but I definitely didn’t expect to win with a more street course

MA- What do you think made you Win?

Liam- I don’t know what made me win but I just had a fun time on my whole trip out there!

MA- How does this compare/ rank with the other events you’ve done well in lately?

Liam- I don’t know how it would rank with the other events but on a fun level I’d say it’s up there with my favorite couple events to go to every year

MA- Anything else you want to say about the event?

Liam- Can’t wait for next year!

MA- What’s next for you? What’s this win mean for you contest season?

Liam- Next is the second x games for the year and dewtour at the end of July. I guess the win just pumps me up to skate the rest of the summer and I definitely feel a lot better doing good at a contest after messing my big toe up at xgames japan. 

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