Nate Miceli and Ryan McElmon | Euro Take 2

Author: Nate Miceli

This is always a special time of year. The temps are rising, the snow is melting, and the vibes are high. For the 2nd year in a row Ryan and I were getting ready to jump the pond and head over to what we call “heaven”. Europe to us is a place we’ve always dreamt of going, a place where skiing is looked at in the same light as American football. We weren’t sure if our two favorite comps were going to happen this year but when we got word they were, we knew we had to go.

We spent the first week of our trip at the Absolut Park Spring Battle in Flachauwinkl, Austria. This competition is like no other. We get 5 days on a course where our coaches follow us through the jumps helping us film our “dream run”. The dream part, ends up being weather permitting. We definitely felt that this year. Out of the 5 days we had on the course, only half of one day was sunny and perfect for sending. Despite the tough conditions, Ryan and I were still able to get a run down... not quite our dream runs, but still a couple runs we were stoked on!

The second half of the trip took place in Andorra for Total Fight. This is personally my favorite contest of the year. Andorra is a tiny little country on the border between France and Spain. The mountain, El Tarter, is a hidden gem in the Pyrenees filled with wide open terrain and big jumps. The course was a bit tough this year, even on a perfect day (we didn’t have any of those) it would be very difficult to get speed to clear all the jumps. In practice, we found ourselves tucking as hard as we could, trying with all our might to clear the 21 meter gaps. The day of the contest blessed us with sunshine and Ryan was able to put down a very respectable run but ended up missing finals by just one spot. I had issues with speed and never got the opportunity to make it through the entire course. Even with that being said, it’s still my favorite contest.

Looking back on this trip, we both realized how incredibly special it really was. Not many get the opportunity to travel the world with their best friend while doing what they love…skiing. When we were 13 years old competing against each other on little mountains in New Hampshire, we never knew where we would end up. All we knew is that we would take skiing far as we could and never give up on our dreams. We want to thank everyone that has made our dreams like this a reality.

Cheers to more good times… and more corks!


Nate Miceli

Ryan Mcelmon