Monster Army

Next X | Monster Army at X Games

Author: Olivia Reed

Monster Army athletes  Ethan Copeland and Jake Yanko were invited to compete in the “Next X” at X Games Minneapolis this summer. The contest allowed the next generation of top skaters to compete in the same park, under the same lights in the same stadium as the pros. This once in a life time opportunity gives young athletes the chance to get noticed. Last year, Army teammate  Liam Pace won the 2018 Next X park contest and was invited to the 2019 Road to X Games in Boise, Idaho to compete with the pros.

“It’s really cool to be skating such a good park, that’s the same as the pros are skating, it should be really fun,” Ethan had to say about it.

We’re excited to announce new athlete – Ethan Copeland joined the Monster Army just in time for the Next X. Coming all the way from Canberra, Australia, 14-year-old Ethan is stoked to be a part of the team.

Joining Ethan in the contest, was Florida’s Jake Yanko. Jake just dropped his  Enlisted video with Monster Army and has been crushing it on the skate scene, already taking six podium finishes in 2019 at the Zumiez Best Foot Forward and Grind for Life stops.

“First X Games was amazing! It felt surreal being there and skating in an event that I’ve been watching on TV for god knows how long. And I got to make so many new friends and memories. It made me want to work harder to be invited again next year,” Jake said about the experience.

Jake won Bronze and was able to take home his first X Games medal, and said, “I’m so hyped to podium! Definitely didn’t skate my best but what can you do. I’m not stressing on it.”

Congratulations to Jake and Ethan! Look out for both of them tearing it up the rest of the year!