Monster Army

Off To Battle: The Olympics w/ Ben Harrington

MA: So let’s start with how it feels? You are officially going to the Olympics.

-BH: To officially be going to the Olympics is huge for me. I’ve been working really hard to make this dream become a reality and to have all of it finally pay off is unreal.

MA: Can you tell us about when exactly you found out? that feeling, that moment?

-BH: Haha, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I called my mom and dad right after and started crying. I know how much they’ve sacrificed to get me to this point and they know how much I want this so pretty big emotions for us all.

MA: What does this mean for you and your skiing career?

-BH: For my skiing career, this is a huge step in the right direction, but qualifying for the Olympics isn’t the end all. I still want to go and preform well there and represent myself, family and country proud.

MA: Would you say the Olympics is like the pinnacle? Like you made it and now you’re good or just motivation to keep pushing it.

-BH: Yes for me Olympics has been pinnacle event for a long time. But it still gives me huge motivation to do well here and achieve my other goals that I have in skiing.

MA: At what point did the Olympics become a reality as an actual goal?

-BH: I probably realized this actually could happen when I made finals at the Calgary World Cup. I’d never made a finals at a major event before, I had been 1 or two spots out the whole year and to finally be in with the big dawgs was awesome.

MA: Any thing special you did to train, prepare, make it?

-BH: Just ski as hard as I can all day long. I also spend a lot of the time in the gym to get my body strong, and I bounce on the trampoline with my brother a bunch to get my air awareness as good as possible.

MA: What’s next between now and then for you?

-BH: Between now and the games, a lot of hard work to be done. I want to add some new tricks into my run to push myself and be a contender at the games. Also maybe a bit of surfing right before I head off to China.

MA: Obviously you have what it takes to make the games but what about a podium there? Anything in your bag of tricks you’ve been holding on to or plan to add?

-BH: I would love to podium there. I’ve got a few things I’m planning on doing to maybe sneak my way on there. But all I want is to be able to land my run to the best of my ability and that’s all that’s in my control.

MA: What about plans after the Olympics?

-BH: After the Olympics, I just wanna keep skiing and have as much fun as I possibly can. I’ve got a surf trip in the pipe lines, and potentially some back country filming with the rest of the monster athletes??

MA: Anything else, thank you’s? Congrats again from all of us here at Monster!

-BH: Huge shoutout to my mom dad and brother. You guys got me to this point and I can’t explain how grateful I am for that. Shoutout to Monster Army, your guys support has been incredible and this season wouldn’t have been possible without. Shoutout to the rest of my sponsors, Volkl, Smith, Zipline, Cardrona, you guys the best. Shoutout my friends, family, girlfriend, your guys support means the world to me. And shoutout skiing for being the dopest sport on the planet.