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Owen Moss wins NSSA East Coast Championships!

Author: Olivia Reed

Our newest surf recruit Owen Moss took first place in the Men's Open division at the NSSA East Coast Nationals over the weekend. Following upon a legacy teammate Logan Kamen left, last year's winner, he's making waves as the newest member of the Army. 

We caught up with Owen for a few quick questions about the contest, read below!

How’d the contest go?

The contest was fun! NSSA East Coast Championships is always one of my favorite contests! I was fortunate and made three finals, ending up 4th in Explorer Boys, 2nd in Open Juniors, and winning Open Mens.

How were the waves?

The waves were decent for the contest. The sandbars were a little tricky at times, but overall pretty good!

How does it feel to win?

It was a special feeling to win! Anytime you can pick up a win, it’s a good feeling!

What’s up next for you?

Getting prepared for Surfing America USA Championships in San Clemente and NSSA Nationals in Huntington Beach, CA. Both of these events are in June.