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Port Angeles Pro GRT Race Report

Author: Ross McDonald

Monster Army heads up to Port Angeles, Washington for the second round of the Pro GRT Mountain Bike Nationals. Get the full recap below! 

Austin Dooley leads out practice on Friday, launching over the first road gap at the top.

Ethan Alexander shows his style up at the top of the track on the road gap.

For his first time between the tape this season, Bruce Klein keeps it low and in control.

Steve Walton exits a corner into a high speed section. He is just getting comfortable with the new 29” wheels on the KHS rig.

Austin Dooley enjoying the dry track during practice. The rains would come down and make it surprisingly gripper, yet difficult to see.

Matt Sterling has been having a great beginning to his season, both at Windrock and in New Zealand.

Dante Silva has quite the BMX racing background, and on this track, generating speed is essential.

Charlie Harrison waiting for landing to get back on the gas again in practice. Charlie looked quick all weekend, familiar with the track as this was the venue where he raced his first national as a Junior.

Nik Nestoroff on the pedals with 2 corners to go during practice. A few hours later, Nik would end up qualifying 9th.

Nik chats with his KHS teammate, Bryce, and friend, Demetri about where to take off some time on the track.

Kaden Pankow broke out the rain jacket as it started pouring for the last runs before qualifying. The track actually gets a little better with the rain, believe it or not.

Matt Sterling launches the final and trickiest gap of the race course.

Dante Silva timing his compressions just right, al while avoiding the small river running down the track.

Justin Maliska getting the bike back on the ground after a high speed section up top. Coming from California, Justin handled the wet pretty well for his first time up in Port Angeles.

Bruce Klein looking where he wants to go en route to a 13th place in qualifying.

Charlie Harrison on course, controlling the bumps on way to the top qualifying spot on Saturday.

Charlie cheesing after edging out Canadian, Kirk McDowall by .14 seconds for qualifying.

Bruce Klein rallying down for his race run. He would finish 9th, moving up four spots from qualifying. Happy to be in one piece and on to the next!

Nik Nestoroff getting it just right for the crowd. Nik finished his run in 8th place.

Charlie Harrison takes off near the bottom of the course, eagerly anticipating the final 4 turns.

Matt Sterling took down 2nd, Austin Dooley in 3rd and Dante Silva in 5th for the Californians in the Junior Expert category.

Great success! Charlie backed up his qualifying run to ensure everyone knew he was the fastest on the hill the entire weekend.

That’s a wrap for Port Angeles, Washington. Next up is Pro GRT #3 at Mountain Creek in Vernon, New Jersey!