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​Siblings that Shred

Author: Olivia Reed

At the Recon Tour PRO Final you will find that BMX runs in the blood. This year, the final will be full of healthy family feuding as two sets of brothers compete for the title.

Earlier this year, two little brothers set out on a path to follow in their older brothers footsteps.  Victor Peraza and Matty Cranmer came to the Recon Tour AM stops hoping to advance to the PRO level. They not only advanced to the PRO contests, but all the way to the Recon Tour PRO Final in Greenville, North Carolina. There they will compete against their older brothers and Monster Energy teammates,  Kevin Peraza and Scotty Cranmer.

It’s West Coast versus East Coast as Kevin and Victor Peraza take on Scotty and Matty Cranmer. Get to know the bros here,


The Cranmer family owns and operates The Incline Club in Lakewood, NJ. It was here that Matty Cranmer finished second in the amateur contest and advanced to the pro contest the following day. Having the home team advantage, Matty proved he has that park dialed and his 11 th place overall finish would be enough to advance him to the Recon Tour PRO Final at The Unit.

Scotty, Matty and family

Matty will take on his older brother Scotty for the first time at Recon Tour this weekend. Hear what the boys had to say about competing against each other.

What’s it like to be competing against your brother?

Matty: Most people probably think that it is nerve racking but honestly it makes the contest way more fun because it feels like just another session. It's a huge confidence booster because I feel proud of myself for making it into the same rank as my PRO bike riding brother!

Scotty: Competing against my brother Matty is a lot of fun, it's crazy to see him progress so much and love the sport I love. To find his own in the sport is a really cool thing. Competing against Matty makes me progress because I don't want him to beat me, at least not yet, I'm not ready for that.

What’s it been like watching Matty progress to a pro level?

Scotty: Watching Matty progress to the pro level has been pretty crazy. I remember when we built the skate park he was only three years old that year. I got him to drop down the 7-ft ramp on his 12-inch bike and it was pretty insane. My mom yelled at me, but he did just fine. He knew exactly what to do and it just kept on going that way. Here we are 14 years later and he is doing a lot more than dropping down 7-ft ramps.

Matty Cranmer at The Incline Club for Recon Tour

This is the only contest where an amateur can win and immediately progress to competing against the pros, how beneficial is a contest like this for ams?

Scotty: The competition is really cool to have amateurs have a chance to compete with the pros. It also puts a lot of pressure on the pros to perform. Especially, when all the contests tend to be at locals parks the amateurs get to ride. It's really hard for pros to perform at the highest level but it's a cool opportunity nonetheless.

What does being on Monster Army mean to you?

Matty: Being on Monster Army is not only an amazing opportunity, but another source of motivation. It's rare to get so much support from a company and it really motivates me that much more to try and make a big name for myself. I push myself to the maximum because I know I have an amazing company like Monster Army giving me another helping hand and a greater step in the right direction.

Do you hope to be a team rider like Scotty one day?

Matty: I think it would be amazing to be on the official Monster [Energy] team. Monster is one of the biggest companies in action sports and personally I feel that being on the team would be a dream come true for any action sports athlete.

How do you think the Monster Army program helps riders like Matty?

Scotty: The Monster Army program is such a great opportunity for amateurs to get a taste of what it is to be sponsored by a company, especially a big company to be sponsored by in BMX. I love seeing the riders get the chance, be so grateful for the chance and seize their opportunities as they come.

Scotty and Matty Cranmer

Do you have a sibling rivalry?

Matty: There will always be a rivalry between any brothers in the world. There is no better feeling then beating your brother at something. Our biggest rivalry is when we play a game of B.I.K.E. He may have the win when we compete in contests but I give him a run for his money in a game of B.I.K.E.

In an effort to provoke the brother’s sibling rivalry, we asked them to tell us something embarrassing about each other,

Scotty: Matty used to eat deodorant sticks and I think Speed Stick was his favorite, he probably still likes it.

Matty: When Scotty was little he used to run around the house with butter knives, 100% convinced that he was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle....and since the turtles didn't wear clothes, neither did he.

Finally, we asked them who was going to take it in Greenville, Perazas or Cranmers? Here's what they had to say about their opponents, 

Matty: Kevin and Victor are some really amazing bike riders, but I'm gonna have to put some money on the Cranmer brothers! It'll be a good battle and an extremely fun session.


The Peraza brothers hail from Tucson, Arizona. Kevin and Victor are just two of four brothers that ride. You can usually find them cruising with oldest brother David and youngest brother Eddie. At the Premises Park AM contest, Victor just beat out eldest brother David to take the win and earn his spot into the Recon Tour PRO Final.

David, Kevin and Victor Peraza

The brothers will go head to head this weekend and take on the Cranmer brothers at The Unit. See what the Peraza brothers had to say,

You have three brothers that all ride, what’s that like? Do you always ride together?

Kevin: It’s incredible, every day we ride and aren't worried about riding alone because we are guaranteed to have one another to ride with. When I get home from trips we definitely ride and we always try to make it happen to see if they can come along on trips to ride.

Victor: It’s awesome that I have two older brother to teach me and having a little brother that I can teach also. We always ride together at Premises Park every weekend. And also a big shout out to DAD because without him we wouldn’t be riding bikes right now.

What’s it like to be competing against your brother?

Kevin: I knew this day would come. He is still super young and learning, but has this awesome bike control. I think it’s awesome. I feel like he can feed off my riding and the dudes I ride against and almost make it look easy for him. It’s crazy to see him follow me up on lines, transfers and big tricks.

Victor: It’s awesome to compete with Kevin because it feels like any other session when I ride with him and have fun.

Has Kevin been the biggest influence on your riding?

Victor: Yes, because he has helped me progress in my riding so much since the very beginning. Thanks Kevin :)

Does competing against Victor push you to progress?

Kevin: YEA!! Watching him do a contest and seeing his approach to a course and basically just seeing him kill it at times gets me motivated to do better and to make him and the family proud. It’s definitely a cool feeling to have not just David in a contest but Victor as well. Now let’s look two years to the future and picture all four of us with Eddie in the same event! I can't even imagine what it would be like!

Victor and Kevin Peraza

This is the only contest where an amateur can win and immediately progress to competing against the pros, how beneficial is a contest like this for ams?

Kevin: It definitely opens doors for ams and gives them this awesome opportunity to basically MAKE IT! and prove to the pros and themselves there ready to be PROS! I believe this is like a Golden Ticket for PRO contest nowadays. There are so many talented kids around the world that we don't see because of the invite only pro contest and this gives an opportunity for them to shine and prove they are also just as good!

What’s it been like watching Victor progress to a pro level?

Kevin: It’s definitely awesome for sure. I don't remember seeing myself that smooth and with that comfort or talent at his age. He’s doing tricks I didn't do until I was 16 and he only just turned 14 and perfecting them to his size is crazy! I can’t wait until he stretches out and gets more strength for a 20" inch bike!

What’s one trick your older brother does that you want to learn?

Victor: I really want to make my superman seat-grabs look like his one day.

What’s your favorite trick your little brother does?

Kevin: Victor does these insane one-handed superman cannonballs that completely blow me away!! Super stretched and high! It’s wild seeing him do tricks I can do!!

Kevin Peraza at the Recon Tour PRO in San Diego, CA

Do you have a sibling rivalry?

Victor: No, we just have fun and enjoy what we love to do.

Kevin: David and I don't really have a rivalry. We push ourselves to our own limits and help each other, but I feel like Eddie and Victor definitely give each other a hard time. They push each other to see which one can learn something new or not. We all have fun and always mess around during riding anyways. Also, we all have a different approach and styles of riding, so we can all learn together without feeling like it’s a rivalry.

Although, the Peraza brothers say they lack sibling rivalry, we asked them each to dish out something embarrassing about the other to spark a fire in them, here’s what they had to say,

Victor: When Kevin was my age he was a big Garrett Reynolds fan and he made his bike Zebra printed just like one of Garrett’s old frames. Kevin rode a bike like that for like two years.

Kevin: Hmmmm……Victor will wear 2 boxers all the time, he says it’s butt padding if he falls. I say it’s because he doesn't want to smell like butt when he doesn't shower LOL :) hahahaha Sorry, Victor.

Look out for these two sets of brothers going head-to-head this weekend at The Unit for the Recon Tour PRO Final. You can watch them at on Saturday, November 15th at 12pm ET. 

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