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Strategic Warefare: NBD 1620 W/ Lucas Foster

Lucas Foster walks us through his never-been-done Backside Double Cork 1620 in the halfpipe. A trick that was a long time coming and Lucas finally puts it down to snow!

We checked in with Lucas on what goes through his mind putting something like this together!

Ok let’s start with your progression up to this trick… have you always enjoyed the B’s spin in the pipe?

-Yeah, backside has always come naturally for me. Growing up I did back 7s and back double 10s on jumps a lot, so spinning backside was already pretty consistent for me in the pipe.

When was your first B’s 5, 9, 12 and now 16?

-My first back 5 was probably in 2014 or so, first back 9s and back 12s were in 2019 and then I tried my first back 16 on snow this spring in 2021. Then rode away in saas fee this fall.

Have you tried any other backside spins?

-yeah, I’ve worked on back 14s. I haven’t landed one yet but I’d like to get that one too. It’s a bit different then the 16 surprisingly because of the blind landing.

Walk us through the progression to get here, like how you started the process and got to the point of getting to land it

-I started out learning the backside 1440 into the bag and sometimes they’d go 16 on accident. The 16 was easier to get to my feet properly so I just kind of went with that.

Then on a random day in park city, my friend jack coyne and I were lapping the pipe and he tried a dope new trick which got my hyped, so I went for it. I got close twice but hung it up for summer. Then it came together in saas fee one afternoon after doing some back 12s that felt good.

What’s the trick mean to you? Is it like a dream of yours or just something to keep you in the top of the game.

-it was really special, that trick really tested me a lot. I was super scared to try it and you have to keep your head super clear to make the right decision to try it on snow for real, so I was just stoked I took the right steps. Growing up I was always playing catch up with my competitors since I didn’t ride halfpipe often, so to now be progressing with everyone feels unreal.

Now let’s talk this season, do you plan to throw it?

-yeah i definitely want to throw that trick in contest. Id like to get it a little better for contest, which I think is do-able. With it being an Olympic year, you’ll need a big trick like that if you want to make that team and get on the podium.

Lastly congrats! That’s pretty damn amazing!!!


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