Monster Army

Word Up! with Evan Doherty

Author: Olivia Reed

Hey Evan, how was Minneapolis? Fun trip?

It was so fun, I got to hang with all my friends and just be there to experience all the cool things Minneapolis has to offer!

You didn’t get to skate this year, but got to practice right? How was the ramp?

Yes, practice was super cool. The ramp was really fast this year and when I landed to 70ft gap, I did a 20ft air, which is crazy high for me.

You have skated in X Games before right? How did that go?

The first year I did X Games in Austin, TX I was an alternate but I got called in to skate and landed my first run, but it rained and the contest got cancelled. The next year it was in Minnesota and I got 6th in the qualifier but didn’t make finals.

What was your favorite part of X Games?

Just being there to experience everything and hang with my friends.

What was the best thing to watch outside of skateboarding? Moto? BMX?

Moto was super crazy to watch, they were blasting double backflips and everything.

What are you going to work on before X Games Sydney or X Games 2019?

Definitely more gap tricks so I can hopefully get better scores, but also, focus on the quarter as well.

Any last thoughts on the whole experience?

X Games was one of the best trips from this year so far!!