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Alexa Muss is Athlete of the Week

Author: Robby Burleson

So Alexa first off tell us a little bit about where you grew up, your passions, and when you started surfing.

I was originally born in a beach town called Rumson off the coast of the jersey shore. Shortly after I was born, I started living 6 months of every year in Breckenridge Colorado and spent alot of time on the snow, first skiing, then snowboarding. Until I was about 11 years old my passion was always boardercross snowboarding. I was first introduced to surfing while on a family vacation in California when I was just three, but when I was just about 12 years old we moved back to New Jersey full time. That summer I fell in love with surfing and ever since then my family hasn’t been able to get me out of the water.

Ok so would you say this is your way of expressing yourself?

Surfing completely is about expressing myself. I come from a really small and humble family so I’m use to saving my words and letting my skills show for themselves. In snowboarding I feel as If I do the same...Snowboarding and Surfing allow me to draw my own lines, they allow me to be free...all my worries go away as soon as I hit the mountain or the ocean.

What does the surf season consist of for you? Anything you're really excited for

My upcoming surf season is a lot of traveling for qualifying series contest as well as Junior Qualifying Series contest. My main focus in surfing at the moment is being the youngest girl to charge big waves. I'll be traveling to Australia, Europe, Bali and Tahiti and hopefully more places! Venturing to all these amazing places and meeting new people is something that I am really lucky to be able to do.

Tell me about your experience riding with Chris and Jaxin

Riding with Jaxin is always fun! Ive actually known him since I was around three. So meeting up with him when I can and riding is always a blast especially seeing him progress! The day we filmed was actually the first time I had met Chris. I’d heard things about him, but never got the chance to meet him. He blew my expectations and rode better than I thought he would at his age. For sure I'd love to do it again!

Does that make you want to get back into snowboarding more?

After that day, I definitely have been asking my mom to let me ride more! I'm actually planning a couple trips back out to colorado next season just because I’m itching to get back on snow! As they say, you never forget your first love!

Do you get nervous you'll get hurt when you snowboard?

When I snowboard I definitely worry about hurting myself! In surfing it's rare you hurt yourself besides getting cut up by the reef. I wish I could have pushed myself a bit more during the time we filmed, but I couldn’t risk hurting myself during the surfing season! Those rails were calling my name!

Lastly where do you see yourself in 5 years. Do you think snowboarding will always be your escape from surfing?

Well in five years I see myself in college! But, besides that, I see myself traveling around the world surfing, snowboarding, filming my life and keeping my memories forever! Snowboarding will always be my escape from surfing just because it's the complete opposite of what I do and I am very thankful to be able to do both!! Thanks Monster for a great day!

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