AOTW: Carter Biese

Author: Olivia Reed

Hi Carter, how’s 2018 started off for you? 

Being in Wisconsin, we have to travel to ride but I feel like the season got off to a great start! I went to the amateur supercross both in Tampa and Atlanta which served as a good warm-up for Daytona. Tampa brought me wins in both the Schoolboy 2 and Amateur All-Star classes. In Atlanta, I also won those two classes and took a second in 250B.

You made the trip down to Daytona, how was that experience? 

Daytona brought a few ups and downs. I had a bit of bad luck so didn’t finish where I wanted to. I had a third in 250B limited and a fifth in 250B. I know I can improve quite a bit when I am able to get more seat time, since I started feel much stronger as we neared the end of the trip.

What was it like racing where they have such a massive Nascar event? 

I have been to Daytona a few years now and you just can’t beat the atmosphere at Daytona. Being part of bike week just makes it that much more exciting. I always look forward to the track design at Daytona since there is mixture of dirt and sand that always makes things interesting.

What do you have planned for this upcoming year? 

I have been working pretty hard on my training program off the bike so I can be both mentally and physically fit. The plan is to get qualified for Loretta’s right away and then head down to ClubMX to get prepared. Following Loretta’s, I plan on doing the Baja Brawl, Monster Cup, and the Mini O’s.

Do you have any race rituals or superstitions? 

I’m usually a pretty easy person when it comes to that stuff, but I will always put my gear on in a certain order. Right side first for everything: my socks, my knee braces, my gloves. When I’m on the gate I’ll clap my hands two or three times before the card turns as well.

What music are you usually jamming out to?

It generally depends on my mood at the time. I generally don’t follow a particular playlist but rather choose the music to fit what I’m doing.

Are there any pros that you look up to or that inspire you? 

Even though he has recently retired, Ryan Dungey has always been someone I have looked up to. He had an amateur career that was similar to mine, he wasn’t a dominant guy, and he came from the north. He’s the humblest racer you’ll ever meet, but he knew what to do to win championships. Ken Roczen is also someone I look up to. No matter what happens to that guy he’s always striving to get back on top. He is constantly trying to take the sport to the next level, and he just has that never say die attitude.

What advice would you give to younger athletes out there, just getting started? 

First and foremost, have fun. Enjoy your time on the bike, meeting new friends and going to tracks. Don’t worry about your competition, just think about the track and riding it to the best of your ability. Everyone peaks at different times so try not to compare yourself to other riders, just do your thing.

Any last thanks you or shout outs? 

A huge shout out and thank you to OCRacing, my family, Monster, John Wessling, Fly, Scott, Dunlop, FMF, Rekluse, PS1, Mika, ODI, Nihilo, Vertex, Pivot Works, Powerband, Acerbis, Black DiamondMX, Fuse, Pod, Cometic, ClubMX, DP Brakes, Tamer, Pit, Posse, Bel-Ray, No Toil, and DRE Racing