AOTW: Jeremy Malott

Author: Olivia Reed

Hey JeremyHow’s 2018 kicking off for you? You haven’t had a chance to ride many contests this year, want to tell us what’s been going on with you? We know some big and exciting things have just recently happened for you….

2018 has been amazing so far. Yes, I have not made an appearance at any contests yet because I am getting myself in the top physical shape with a new mindset for this year to prepare for the FISE World Series and many others. I also was blessed with the birth of my son, Cambren, with my beautiful girlfriend Ashley. A soon to be shredder! I've been spending some quality time with him while he’s young!

What do you have planned for this upcoming year?

I have a lot of plans to travel to all the 5 stops of FISE around the world, as well as Extreme Barcelona, Nitro World Games and X-Games!

Do you have a trip planned for this season that you’re most excited about?

I’m most excited about the Barcelona trip. The city is beautiful and the crowd is amazing as well as I get to spend time with my brother who lives there!

Do you have any contest rituals or superstitions?

Before a contest I usually am calm and try to stay focused, but as far as rituals my Dad and I always hold 3 fingers up symbolizing “I love you,” which is something we have done since I was young, whether he is there in the crowd or watching the live stream! Also, I ride with my ring from my girlfriend on my belt loop as good luck and I’ve done it every single day, so it’s a big thing to me!

What does a typical day look like to you?

I wake up and do a workout of pushups, sit-ups and pull ups, followed by a run or bike ride, then make breakfast and my girlfriend and I take our son down to the lake and we go on a little ride down by the lake which you can see on my insta stories from time to time! I then get a session at the park 2 times throughout the day and then finally I relax with my family and end my night with another workout before bed!

What music are you usually riding out to?

I rarely ride to music but if I do its rap or reggae!

You just got moved up to General this year, the highest ranking in the Monster Army, what does that mean to you?

I honestly had no idea until I saw this question so I’m pretty blown away! I just started my career in BMX, two short years ago, so to see this it really shows that the work has paid off and I’m honored to be involved with such an amazing company!

What advice would you give to younger athletes out there, just getting started in our ranks?

If you enjoy something, no matter what it is, just give it your all and never give up! To be the best you must first become your best, so believe in yourself, push yourself, and remember to always have fun and the results will show! Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something!

Any last thank you or shout outs?

Huge shout-out to Monster for always taking such amazing care of me from the start and everyone behind the scenes, Christopher, Olivia, and all the hard workers! I’ve worked with some amazing people, I’m blessed to call friends as well! Also, to my parents and my amazing little family Ashley and Cambren for their constant support!