Monster Army

AOTW: Justin Dowell

Author: Olivia Reed

Hi Justin, how’s 2018 rounding up for you?

It's been a really long year, I moved out right after my 18th birthday and basically had Europe as my home. I lived on couches and stayed with friends, it was very exciting. I trained as much as possible and got to ride so many amazing parks. I also got to meet so many new friends to share my passion of bmx with!

You just had a big win right? Tell us about it?

Yes! I just won the 2018 UCI BMX Freestyle World Championship. I went into the competition of course trying to win, but to actually do it...I couldn't believe it. Everything just worked out how I wanted it, the tricks, the lines, and percent timing on the buzzer.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year? Relaxing?

For the rest of the year I will be relaxing and working on a new bike. I like to do a new bike for every year. So look out for a new one soon :) Also, it's good to relax and see family I haven't seen all year. It's good to catch up with them.

What are you most excited about next year?

Next year, I'm most excited to continue on the high note I left off with. Next year will be key to decide which riders go to the Olympics so that is my goal. I'm excited to prove myself.

Do you have any contest rituals or superstitions?

Not really, I just like to be in a positive mood leading into competition day. It is just as important to be mentally strong as it is to be physically strong. It's also very important to have a plan, I don't like to be someone that just wings a competition.

If you could ride with anyone in the world, who would you want to ride with and where?

The place I want to ride the most is Krasnodar, Russia with my Russian homies. The parks there look unreal and a couple people out there have invited me to stay with them. Krasnodar is very South Russia so it will be great weather even in wintertime.

What do you think your favorite place you’ve traveled has been to?

The favorite place all year I went was Berlin, Germany. It's so beautiful and peaceful there. It was definitely a great place for me to stay months at a time and let my body rest.

Any last thanks you or shout outs?

I wanna say thanks to Monster Army and USA Cycling for helping me out big time this year. Without them this wouldn't have been possible. Also thanks to my 2 managers my Mom and my Brother Ryan, haha!! They helped with my flights and my schedule! Also, to anyone that allowed me to stay at your house and allow me to go on this journey. Thank you everyone that supports me ! <3