AOTW: Marco Griesi

Author: Tim Remick

How's it going, Marco? How has your year been treating you?

Man, it's going good!!! I've been really enjoying these past couple months of 2017!

You went back home to Brazil to head to regionals, how did that go?

It's always good to go back home for a little while, this summer I went back to Brazil to see all my friends and family and I got to compete regionals ASJ down in SC in June which got me so hyped after two podiums!!!

You also went on a rad trip to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, tell us more about your adventure?

This was simply the best trip of my life, it was always my dream to go to Indo with all my friends and my Dad! We surfed more than 15 waves in two weeks, traveling up and down around the archipelago on "The Starkoat" boat from "Mentawai Surf Charters!" We got to surf from 6 feet classic "greenbush" barrels to perfect little rights in "roxys." I'll keep endlessly dreaming until next time!

What was your favorite part from the trip?

Bro, honestly, I loved absolutely everything about this trip but my favorite part was when we first got there, waking up to perfect glassy, barreling, 4 feet rights at "lances right " after a 26 hour flight and a 12 hour boat trip was literally the best feeling I could possibly ask for!

When you are not surfing, you also like to relax and play music, yeah?

Yeah for sure! Music is my other passion, I always have my guitar with me. When I'm not surfing, I'm playing music with my friends or writing a song, and surfing is one of my biggest inspirations to my music, so they both go along!

What are some of your future plans for next season?

For next season, I really hope to get some good waves down here in Florida, I want to keep up with regionals in Brazil as well as the ESAs here! I want to keep playing a lot of music and surf as much as I can!!!

Awesome! Thank you for your time, Marco! Any last words before you go?

Yeww! Thank you. I really want to thank Monster Army and Tim Remick for this awesome opportunity to be the athlete of the week, I also wanna shoutout to my amazing Dad, Rodrigo Griesi, and my coach, Guga Arruda, for making my dream of surfing The Mentawai Islands come true!