AOTW: Seth Hammaker

Author: Kyle Noble

After your stellar performance at Monster Energy Cup this year a lot of people were left wondering, who’s Seth Hammaker? Let’s just start there, who is Seth Hammaker?

I am a 17 year old dirt bike racer from Bainbridge, Pennsylvania. The location where I live is not a well known place for dirt bike racers to come from, nor is it a prime riding area. I am super fortunate to have a little turn track in my backyard that I use as my main riding spot. I like to do my riding and training at my house because I am close to my family and friends and I also have all the resources I need here. I work super hard to make sure I can perform at the highest level.

Back to Monster Cup, in both races it looked like you hit the ground running and never looked back. With such a solid lead for a majority of the race what was going through your head?

Both races at the Monster Energy Cup went great. I landed myself with two great starts and solid performances during the motos. I tried to keep calm and not worry about what was behind me. Hitting my marks and knocking off lap after lap till the finish.

Since the All-Star class is part of the night show and aired live on TV with the pro races, does that have any effect on your nerves going into the race?

Being part of night show at the Monster Energy Cup definitely adds pressure to your performance. You have the same fans for the pro riders cheering you on! Sitting on the gate looking around is pretty amazing. At the end of the day, it had a huge impact of all of the racers experiences and getting time on that kind of stage. It won't be long until we are in Monster Energy Supercross.

Overall what’s your favorite thing about Monster Cup?

My favorite part about MEC is being able to act as a pro for the day. Being in the pits, under the semi with thousands of people walking around it really cool to experience. As amateurs we do not really get that too often so when we do I do what I can to take it all in and enjoy it.

With Mini O’s quickly approaching, what are your plans for the 2018 season? Making the move up to A Class?

As Mini O's approaches I am working hard to be successful this year at the event. It's one of my favorite races of the year so I am excited. Mini O's will be my last race as a "B" racer. Then, for 2018 I will be racing the "A" class. I will also be doing some arenacross races to get my road to supercross points. I look forward to the 2018 season with great people.

What kind of advice can you give to any other riders out there striving to make it to more races and see themselves up on top of the podium?

If there is any advise I can give to other riders/racer I would tell them to keep training hard and also to never give up on what your goals are. Everyone had different goals but you have to work towards them. What you give towards it, is what you will receive out of it.

Thanks for taking some time and chatting with us. Any final words you want to add?

I want to say thank you everyone for all of the support that is given to me. It is amazing to see where this sport has taking me and I'm exited for the future. Thanks for having me on!