Athlete of the week: Captain Derek Kenny

Captain Derek Kenny from Bakersfield, CA is this week's athlete of the week. Derek has been traveling all over the US and this is what he had to say:

Who influences you and why?
My dad has a big part in my riding. Also most of the bigger name pros like Colton Satterfield, Dustin mccarty, Pat Casey and Dennis Enarson.

What inspired you to ride?
Just the love I have for the sport and my friends and family. It was also an easy switch from motocross for me.

What cool and exciting things have you been up to or are going to do in 2013?
The highlight of my 2013 year had to of been riding the whole Recon Tour. I had a few ups and downs but overall it was a good time. I also got picked up by GT bikes and I’m more then stoked to be apart of that.

Have you had to overcome any challenges that made riding an obstacle at times? (i.e. injuries, support)
Yeah at the beginning of the year I broke my foot and ankle, so that put me out for a few months. My first contest back was the last round of Recon Tour for the east coast and I ended up
getting a 2nd place.

What is your daily routine on days you are out riding for hours on end?
Well I wake up, get some lunch and then head out for a session at my local park or the local trails. I will try to work on new tricks and get everything I have dialed, so when I compete at a contest I’m consistent.

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