Monster Army

On the frontlines: USASA Nationals

Just as every season comes towards its close, thousands of athletes descend on Copper Colorado for the USASA Nationals. An event that has been the start for lots of big athletes including some of our highest ranking athletes such as Lucas FosterHanna FualhaberBenny Harrington, all of which just made theyre olympic debut this year.

The athletes that attend this event have worked all year to gain their ticket to compete, and work even harder to stand on the podium at the acclaimed USASA Nationals. This year like all years the Monster Army claimed many of those top podium spots. Eleven 1st place finishes, three 2nd place finishes, and one 3rd place finish to be exact.

When it comes to the USASA nationals, gaining those top spots at the event can prove your ranking in the season, can allow you entry to other big events, and is a great way to end the season on a high. The USASA nationals is also a fantastic way as a brand to showcase we have some of best athletes, and that has once again been shown this year of course!

1st Snowboard Slopestyle, Barrett Hendrix

1st Snowboard Halfpipe, Kade Martin

1st Snowboard Halfpipe, Sumner Orr

1st Snowboard Railjam, Rebecca Flynn

2nd Snowboard Slopestyle, Brooklyn DePriest

1st Freeski Slopestyle, Evan Wischmeyer

1st Freeski Railjam, Elaina Krusiewski

1st Freeski Slopestyle, Grace Elden

1st Freeski Halfpipe, Marley Leavitt

2nd Freeski Halfpipe, Elaina Krusiewski

1st Freeski Slopestyle, Elaina Krusiewski

1st Freeski Halfpipe, Bennett Balogh

2nd Freeski Halfpipe, Owen Hughes

1st Freeski railjan, Evan Wischmeyer

3rd Freeski Slopestyle, Luca Harrington