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Sergeant Jamie McCauley is Athlete of the Week

It was awesome getting to know more about Jamie! Read our Q&A session with him here:

Who influences you and why?
A few people. I’d have to say Harley Clifford because he is the most consistent and can land almost every trick ever done. I’d also say all of the Jr. Pro riders because they push me and help me achieve my goals to become a better rider.

What/Who inspired you to wakeboard?
My dad has been a water skier his whole life, and one day when I went to the lake with him I saw someone wakeboard, and I thought it was awesome. So the next day we got a wakeboard and I got up first try, and ever since then I’ve loved it.

What cool and exciting things have you been up to or are going to do in 2013? Any big plans for 2014?
2013 started off with a couple of attempts at wake to wake double flips. I only tried a couple and then gave it a rest, so I’m hoping I might be able to get some more attempts at it for next year. For 2014, other than a couple more attempts at doubles, I just plan on riding to my full potential and am hoping that will earn me a chance to start getting into the finals.

Have you had to overcome any challenges that made wakeboarding an obstacle at times? (i.e. injuries, support)
Well, right in the middle of the tour last year I had to have my tonsils taken out, which cost me a couple tour stops. Thankfully that was a speedy recovery and I was able to ride in nationals, and advance to worlds. But other than that I’ve had smaller knee, ankle, and groin problems and a few concussions, but thankfully nothing too major.

What is your daily routine and how do you get yourself prepared for all of the competitions?
During the summer, I’ll usually sleep in. I’ll wake up around 10 or noon. Grab a Monster. Eat some breakfast, and then head to the lake. From there I’ll spend most of the day on the lake with friends and family. I’ll take a couple sets. The key for me to get ready for comps it to not to stress myself out, because that’s when I lose focus of what I’m doing and end up either getting hurt or riding bad in the contest.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next two years?
I’m hoping I can stay uninjured (knock on wood) and keep progressing my riding to where I’m either at the top of the Jr. Pro podium or just starting my first year in Pro, but most importantly, in two years I would hope to push myself as much as, or more than I do now, so I can get better no matter how I end up ranked.

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